Thursday, August 3, 2017

Our Interns Offer Miracles on Daily Basis!

Osteopathy does miracles in treating chronic cases. Here is a letter we received from a patient who was treated by NAO intern, Dr Liz Ordonez at National Academy of Osteopathy teaching clinic in Toronto. Dr Ordonez was a veterinarian physician in Mexico who changed her career to osteopathy after moving to Canada.
To whom it may concern:

I'm writing this letter to show my appreciation for the commitment and knowledge Doctor Liz Ordonez Trujillo has been showing in my treatment past few weeks.

I came to your clinic with knee arthritis and pain. After her treatments not only my pain has disappeared but also I was able to resume my jogging. The benefit I have got was significant enough to pursuit me to drive from Oakville to get treatments for my neck pain and rotator cuff tear.

Again thank you for the commitment and excellent service. I have been spreading the word that your clinic and Lisa has been nothing short of amazing.

Best Regards,
Mohsen Zehtabchi 

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