Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Athletic Therapists Love Osteopathy!

We have many athletic therapists as alumni. Here is a post by National Academy of Osteopathy student certified athletic therapist Marylène Audet, B. Eng., CAT(C), CSCS, FMS2 (from Montréal, Québec) on why she chose to study ostéopathie :

Initially trained as an Aerospace Engineer and now an Athletic Therapist, I found a true passion for the challenges of understanding complex systems from a functional perspective.

The rich set of manual techniques available to the manual osteopath allows a more exhaustive evaluation of the clients to maintain a delicate balance between all the functions of the body and the person as a whole.

What really attracted me to this profession is the gentle, respectful, thoughtful healing touch. One that is rationally exercised to achieve better mind-body movement.

From the fast pace of an Athletic Therapist life, osteopathy is an invitation to reconnect with Nature, appreciate the gift that was given to me: a passion to aid my client reach a balanced life and well-being.


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