Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Success is no accident!

We graduate successful manual osteopaths because we teach students everything they need to know about running & managing their businesses as well as how to treat patients effectively.

Did you know we have many manual osteopaths from other schools who join us just to learn the business skills we teach? Over half of the manual osteopaths in Canada have studied with us! Our business lessons are legendary.

A recent research indicates that the success rate of self employed people who learn about business management is 1000% (ten times) more than those who are not familiar with business principles.

Here is a testimonial we received a few days ago.
………….your Ethics and Clinical (Business) management lectures are worth their weight in gold………
Darren Weatherbie
National Academy of Osteopathy student
Prince Edward Island, Canada

National Academy of Osteopathy teaches manual osteopathy online worldwide with practical technique classes in 45 countries. We are the largest manual osteopathy college in the world & the only one who has been accepted as an affiliate member of the Ontario Hospital Association. We are certified by the Minister of Employment & Social Development of Canada and are accredited by IOA, COMPO, CMOEB, IOEB, SOC, OOAMA, OCORS, BCCORS, and many other organizations.
To receive information on how you can study manual osteopathy with NAO please email us at admissions@nationalacademyofosteopathy.com so we could send you the brochure. You can also visit our website for more info at www.nationalacademyofosteopathy.com.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Student Testimonial from Prince Edward Island (Canada)

Testimonial from a National Academy of Osteopathy student from Prince Edward Island

Hello Dr Pourgol,

My name is Darren Weatherbie. I am enrolled in the online DOMP program. Your Ethics and Clinical (Business) management lectures are worth their weight in gold. My favorite of all your lectures are the ones you teach about life lessons applied professionally and personally.

Thanks for your time.


Saturday, March 28, 2015

Become a Certified Yoga Teacher

National Academy of Osteopathy offers a fundamentals (200 hours) and Advanced (300 hours) yoga teacher training programs offered in-campus in Toronto (Canada) and through online education worldwide part time and full time. 

Both the Fundamentals & Advanced programs are accredited by the Canadian Yoga Alliance and the Yoga Alliance (USA). Our graduates are able to work in all countries as certified yoga teachers.
The classes are taught by master yoga practitioner/manual osteopath, Yazdan Raees and Cheryl McKenzie. 

Students interested in enrolling in the dual diploma (Yoga Teacher Training / Manual Osteopathy) receive scholarships enabling them to graduate with both diplomas at a reduced tuition.
NAO is certified by the Minister of Employment & Social Development of Canada and as such students receive tax credits for tuition. If this program is used to generate income, it can also be deducted as a business expense. 

NAO is a fully accredited manual osteopathy college (accredited by IOA, IOEB, CMOEB, COMPO, OOAMA, SOC, OCORS, BCCORS, RITMA, and others) and the only one in Canada that is accepted as an affiliate member of the Ontario Hospital Association. 

NAO is the largest provider of manual osteopathic education in the world, teaching ib 45 countries. Over half of the manual osteopaths in Canada are graduates of NAO. 

To receive more information about this program please email us at admissions@nationalacademyofosteopathy.com or visit http://nationalacademyofosteopathy.com/yoga.html

Thank you. 

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Monday, March 16, 2015

NAO is now a Canadian Yoga Alliance Certified Registered Yoga School!

National Academy of Osteopathy will soon offer a Yoga Teacher Training program (starting September 2015) by NAO graduate; manual osteopath/master yoga practitioner Yazdan Raees, & Cherryl McKenzie amongst others. 

We have many yoga practitioners as students and have decided to offer teacher training to these graduates as well as others who are interested in becoming a certified Yoga teacher. 

More information will be posted soon. 

Friday, March 13, 2015

Need Manual Osteopathic Treatment?

Our clinic is run by students during their internship, 4 months per year. If you wish to get an appointment, call the school at 1-416-635-6550 any time in July or August or January & February. An appointment can be arranged with an intern for you.

Manual osteopathic treatments are offered free of charge.