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NAO has World Class Professors such as Professor Abazar Habibinia

Intercontinental Wrestling Champion; WWE Tag Team Champion; United States Wrestling Champion & WWE superstar Santino Marella thanking National Academy of Osteopathy professor Abazar Habibinia

NAO faculty are world class and we are proud of them.

NAO students learn more than osteopathy

Along with clinical sciences, osteopathy skills and business management principles, I also want my students to be well versed in life improvement skills. I spent a good portion of my lectures on self improvement topics. Your thoughts make your reality. Improving your brain improves your thoughts and brings you closer to achieving your goals. It takes five minutes a day of meditation to improve your brain, decrease stress, improve health, and increase your focus and creativity. To make it even more effective do the meditation outside in nature. Nature is the key to creativity. And creativity is a key to success.

Dr Shahin Pourgol, DC, CCE, DOMP, DCMOEB

Chiropractor, Ergonomist, Osteopath


National University of Medical Sciences

National Academy of Osteopathy

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Osteopathy Business Tips Blog by Dr Shahin Pourgol

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Osteopathy Business Tip

Deliver more than you get paid for, and your reputation will bring you more new patients and makes the current patients use your services more often. From

Dr Shahin Pourgol

June 22nd is the World Osteopathy Day. To celebrate this wonderful day, National Academy of Osteopathy ( is offering $340,000 in scholarships to 100 students worldwide to study osteopathy.

NAO offers a diploma program in osteopathy and a 4 years program in osteopathic rehabilitation sciences (WHO compliant).

Our goal is to expand osteopathy to every corner of the world so patients everywhere could have access to this amazing healthcare.$340,000 in Scholarships for World Osteopathy Daybo1Eqtg

Sunday, April 21, 2013

NAO Graduate Invited to Live Radio

National Academy of Osteopathy graduate, manual osteopath, Mr Fernando Azevedo was invited to a live radio show Live (CiRV 88.9 FM) with radio host Ziko Pereira. Great job! Mr Azevedo is actively promoting osteopathy to the Brazilians.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

$340,000 in Scholarships

$340,000 in Scholarships Offered by NAO to Celebrate World Osteopathy Day

National Academy of Osteopathy is offering up to $340,000 in scholarships to 100 students ($3,400 each) to celebrate World Osteopathy Day.

Based on the recommendation of Dr Shahin Pourgol to the International Osteopathic Association, June 22nd (the date osteopathy was founded by Dr Still) has been chosen as the World Osteopathy Day by IOA in 2012. This is the first time the world gets a chance to celebrate World Osteopathy Day.

To celebrate this day, National Academy of Osteopathy, which aims to make osteopathic care available worldwide, is offering up to $350,000 in scholarship, effective immediately, to the first 100 students who register by June 22nd, 2013. Each scholarship is valued at $3,400 which is credited towards the 8 months full time Diploma in Osteopathic Manual Practice (DOMP) program.  This scholarship offer expires at June 23, 2013.

These scholarships are available only to students who have completed high school and those who do not have previous health education. To apply please contact us at

آکادمی ملی‌ استئوپتی

آکادمی ملی‌ استئوپتی به مناسبت ۲۲ ژوئن، روز جهانی‌ استئوپتی، ۳۴۰ هزار دلار بورسیه به ۱۰۰ دانشجو (۳۴۰۰ دلار برای هر نفر) برای تحصیل در رشته استئوپتی میدهد.

40,000 Facebook fans !!!


Thank you everyone for making National Academy of Osteopathy the most popular osteopathic schools in the world.

We will continue to bring you innovative, unique, & affordable osteopathic education.

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Can osteopathy be learned online?

Can osteopathy be learned online?

Yes. There is no difference between online and campus based education. In some ways the online education is even superior to the campus based because students have the ability to pause the lectures and watch any techniques over and over again. Many successful manual osteopaths are practicing around the world who studied osteopathy through an online on-demand program. 

The professions of osteopathy, chiropractic, athletic therapy, massage therapy, physiotherapy and even medicine and dentistry have offered at one time or another correspondence courses. With the technology NAO uses students feel they are sitting in a classroom watching the lectures. They have also the ability to contact NAO at any time and ask any academic questions they may have. 

Some universities in United Kingdom have started offering medical specialty courses such as orthopedic surgery to Medical Doctors through online programs, and some universities in the USA offer masters program in nursing through online lectures. As technology advances delivering high quality videos become easier and permits students worldwide to watch the lectures easily and comfortably. And more universities are embracing the online teaching as it eliminates the need for campus attendance and enables education to be spread internationally.

Dr Pourgol Develops Osteopathy Technique

Osteopathic Sports Energy Technique (SET) developed by Dr Shawn Pourgol, a professor of National Academy of Osteopathy, is a form of advanced osteopathic technique designed to improve athletic performance by increasing speed. This is achieved by working on the fast twitch type IIb skeletal muscle fibres.
Athletes can achieve dramatic increase in speed often after the first session. They can run, kick, jump or punch faster often after doing the first set of S.E.T. techniques.

Muscle tissue consists of fibres (cells) that are highly specialized for the active generation of force for contraction. Because of this characteristic, muscle tissue provides motion, maintenance of posture, and heat production. Based on certain structural and functional characteristics, muscle tissue is classified into three types: cardiac, smooth and skeletal. Based on various structural and functional characteristics, skeletal muscle fibres are classified into three types: Type I fibres, Type II b fibres and type II a fibres.

Type IIb fibres, also called fast twitch or fast glycolytic fibres; contain a low content of myoglobin, relatively few mitochondria, relatively few blood capillaries and large amounts glycogen. Type II b fibres are white, geared to generate ATP by anaerobic metabolic processes, not able to supply skeletal muscle fibres continuously with sufficient ATP, fatigue easily, split ATP at a fast rate and have a fast contraction velocity. Generally people are born with an average of 50% slow and 50% fast twitch fibres. Sprinters with proper training change this ratio to 80% fast twitch fibres in the leg muscles while marathon runners change the ratio with advanced training to 80% slow twitch fibres in the lower limbs muscles.

Because fast twitch fibers use anaerobic metabolism to create fuel, they are much better at generating short bursts of strength and speed than slow muscles. However, they fatigue more quickly. Fast twitch fibers generally produce the same amount of force per contraction as slow muscles, but they get their name because they are able to fire more rapidly. Having more fast twitch fibers can be an asset to athletes since they need to quickly generate a lot of force.

Words from Dr Pourgol.....

When your passion becomes your profession, success follows.

Dr Shawn Pourgol

Dr Pourgol with Honourable Dr Reza Moridi, Ontario Minister of Research & Innovation

NAO president, Dr Shawn Pourgol wishes to congratulate his long time friend, honourable Dr Reza Moridi, a Member of the Provincial Parliament from Richmond Hill, for being chosen the new Minister of Research & Innovation in Ontario, Canada.

Honorable Dr Moridi was the first Iranian to become an MPP in Ontario (Canada) and now he is the first Iranian to become a member of the Ontario provincial government. Dr Pourgol and all other Iranians in Canada are quite proud of this historic moment.

On Welfare? On Disability? $1000 in Scholarships Available

On Welfare? On Disability?
$1000 in Scholarship Available to Study

If you are on social assistance (welfare) or on short or long term disability and wish to study osteopathy, National Academy of Osteopathy offers you $1,000 in guaranteed scholarship.

Please send an email to to receive our information package or visit for more info.

Osteopathy is a branch of healthcare dealing with musculoskeletal and joint disorders.

National Academy of Osteopathy offers a diploma program in manual osteopathy which takes 8 months full time (online or campus based) to complete for high school graduates. For students with previous health education it takes 4 months.
NAO also offers a 4200 hours (4 years) postgraduate speciality fellowship program in Osteopathic Rehabilitation Sciences which is World Health Organization (WHO) complaints.

NAO teaches in 64 cities across 32 countries. It is the largest osteopathy college in the world. Please watch this video “Why You Should Study Manual Osteopathy” at: and also the video “Why You Should Study at National Academy of Osteopathy” at:

We are accredited by the Council on Manual Osteopathy Education. Our graduates are permitted to write the osteopathy board exams of the Canadian Manual Osteopathy Examining Board & the International Osteopathy Examining Board and upon passing to join International Osteopathic Association.

Top 25 Occupations in Demand in Canada (2012)

Top 25 Occupations in Demand
CIBC report on best jobs in Canada

A report prepared by the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) and published by the Toronto Star on December 04, 2012 is a Coles notes version to planning your future.
Mining, health care (such as manual osteopathy #13 & athletic therapy #15) & engineering top the list of sectors that desperately need qualified candidates, while teaching, hospitality & manufacturing have too few openings for those already trained to work there.

For those in the top 25 fields in demand (including manual osteopaths & athletic therapists), life is looking up. These sectors are experiencing both rapidly raising wages & low or falling unemployment rates. Among these professions, the average unemployment rate is just over 1%, while wages are rising by an average amount of 3.9%. That’s more than double the rate seen in the economy as a whole.

The top 25 occupations in demand in Canada as reported by CIBC are:
1-Managers in Engineering, Architecture, Science & Info Systems
2-Managers in Health, Education, Social and Community Services
3-Managers in Construction and Transportation
4-Auditors, Accountants and Investment Professionals
5-Human Resources and Business Service Professionals
6-Professional Occupations in Natural and Applied Sciences
7-Physical Science Professionals
8-Life Science Professionals
9-Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Chemical Engineers
10-Other Engineers
11-Professional Occupations in Health
12-Physicians, Dentists and Veterinarians
13-Optometrists, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Podiatrists, Naturopaths and Other Health Treating Professionals
14-Pharmacists, Dietitians and Nutritionists
15-Therapy (Massage Therapy, Athletic Therapy, Occupational Therapy) and Assessment Professionals
16-Nurse Supervisors and Registered Nurses
17-Technical and Related Occupations in Health
18-Medical Technologists and Technicians (Except Dental Health)
19-Technical Occupations in Dental Health Care
20-Other Technical Occupations In Health Care (Except Dental)
21-Psychologists, Social Workers, Counsellors, Clergy and Probation Officers
22-Supervisors, Mining, Oil and Gas
23-Underground Miners, Oil and Gas Drillers and Related Workers
24-Supervisors in Manufacturing
25-Supervisors, Processing Occupations
12 of the 25 occupations in demand are in health care.

Osteopathy is #13. And National Academy of Osteopathy is the largest provider of osteopathic education in the world. Become an osteopath & secure your future. Watch the video for the full report:

Osteopathy Students Taking a Break

Some of National Academy of Osteopathy students in Toronto having dinner with Mr Amir Kazemi (associate professor & manager) & Ms. Luary Perez (registrar) after the techniques lab.

Osteopathic Student Letter to Associate Professor, Amir Kazemi

Here is a beautiful letter one of our students, Dr Mahmood Mohseni, MD wrote to Mr Amir Kazemi, NAO associate professor:

Hello Dear Professor Amir Kazemi:

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your clinical practical Osteopathy classes. I know it's not easy to teach but you managed to keep us all interested and we even had fun!

You are an excellent teacher and have inspired me to continue learning with an open and positive mind. I appreciate all your hard work. You've helped build the foundation for improved academic achievement, focus and social interactions. The impact of your help is so significant. I wish I'd had a chance to say a proper thank you in person to you for being such a fantastic teacher.

I also appreciate Dr. Pourgol and Dr. Habibinia for their interesting lectures and Luary for her kindness & cooperation with students.

Thank you again.
Best Regards,

Dr. Mahmood Mohseni, MD

National Academy of Osteopathy admissions Office in London, Ontario

We are glad to announce that one of the recent 2013 Canadian graduates of the DOMP program of NAO has just been approved to open two admission offices; one in London, Ontario, Canada where she will be working as a manual osteopath in a family physician’s office, and another one in Pakistan.

We congratulate Ms. Ashrafunnissa Janmohammad, DO(MP) for her new business venture and welcome her to our family.

National Academy of Osteopathy now teaches in 65 cities across 33 countries! Most of the NAO admission offices are owned by NAO graduates. We are grateful to be in partnership with our students.

NAO Admissions Office in Pakistan

We are glad to announce that one of the recent 2013 Canadian graduates of the DOMP program of NAO has just been approved to open two admission offices; one in London, Ontario, Canada where she will be working as a manual osteopath in a family physician’s office, and another one in Pakistan.

We congratulate Ms. Ashrafunnissa Janmohammad, DO(MP) for her new business venture and welcome her to our family.

National Academy of Osteopathy now teaches in 65 cities across 33 countries! Most of the NAO admission offices are owned by NAO graduates. We are grateful to be in partnership with our students.

Why Study Osteopathy (Spanish)

Profesionales de la Salud: Conviertase en un Osteopata en 4 meses estudiando on-line o en el aula. Estudia en español.

4 meses diploma en osteopatía o 4 años en grado osteopatía. Tenemos dos programas.

Contacte a Luary Perez at

¿Por qué debería estudiar Osteopatía?

La Osteopatía es el cuidado de la salud. Ninguna otra profesión te da la misma alegría. Ayudar a la gente a estar libre de dolor es la mejor sensación del mundo!

La Osteopatía es la profesión de la salud de más rápido crecimiento en el mundo.

La osteopatía es considerada por los pacientes como el tratamiento de elección # 1 para el dolor de espalda baja (comparada con la quiropraxia, masajes, fisioterapia, acupuntura y medicina.)

Numerosas investigaciones demuestran que la Osteopatía es el tratamiento más eficaz para el dolor de espalda.

Los tratamientos osteopáticos son suaves, sin dolor, seguros, probados y muy eficaces contra los trastornos de los músculos, huesos, articulaciones y nervios.

Existe cero desempleo en esta profesión. Todos los osteópatas encuentran empleo.

El ingreso promedio anual de los osteópatas es de $ 90.000.
Los Osteópatas son contratados en clínicas de rehabilitación, centros médicos, club de salud, balnearios, entre otros, por un salario inicial de $ 30 por hora.

Nuevos osteópatas pueden abrir su propia clínica casi en cualquier lugar del mundo; incluyendo Canadá, EE.UU., Europa, Asia, África y Australia.

Los pacientes aman los tratamientos de osteopatía. En Richmond Hill, Ontario (Canadá) hay una lista de espera de 2 meses para ver a un osteópata. En Irán, hay una espera de 6 meses para un tratamiento!

Se necesitan 4 meses para convertirse en un osteópata (comparado a 7 años para la quiropráctica, 2 años para masaje terapéutico y 6 años para fisioterapia), pero su ingreso es el mismo.

Estudia en la Academia Nacional de Osteopatía, conviértase en un osteópata y asegure su futuro.

La Academia Nacional de Osteopatía es la mayor universidad de osteopatía en el mundo.

NAO enseña osteopatía manual en 65 ciudades a lo largo de 33 países.

Why Study Osteopathy (Portuguese)

PROFISSIONAIS DE SAÚDE: Torne-se um osteopata em 4 meses, Online ou em-Campus, no Brasil e em Portugal

4 meses diploma em osteopatia ou 4 graus ano em osteopatia. Nós temos dois programas.

Estudo em Português.

Por Que Você Deveria Estudar Osteopatia?

Osteopatia é cuidar da saúde. Nenhuma outra profissão dá a você a mesma alegria. Ajudar as pessoas torna-se indolor e é A melhor sensação de todas.

Osteopatia é a profissão da área da saúde que mais cresce no mundo.

A Osteopatia é a escolha número 1 de tratamento para dor lombar (comparado a quiropraxia, massagens, fisioterapia, acupuntura e medicações.)

Numeroras pesquisas mostram que a osteopatia é o tratamento mais efetivo para dor nas costas.

Os tratamentos com osteopatia são leves, livres de dores, seguros, comprovados e muito efetivos contra desordens nos músculos, ossos, juntas e nervos.

O desemprego para esta profissão é zero. Todos os osteopatas encontram um emprego.
Os ganhos anuais de osteopatas é de $ 90.000

Osteopatas são contratados por clínicas de reabilitação, centros médicos, clubes de saúde, spas, e outros a partir de um ganho de $30 por hora.

Novos osteopatas podem abrir suas próprias clínicas quase em qualquer lugar do mundo, incluindo Canadá, EUA, Europa, Ásia, África e Austrália.

Os pacientes gostam muito dos tratamentos osteopáticos. Em Richmond Hill, em Ontario (Canadá), há uma lista de espera de 2 meses para consulta ao osteopata. No Irã a espera para o tratamento é de 6 meses!

Leva 4 meses para tornar-se um osteopata (comparado a 7 anos para quiropraxia, 2 anos para terapia com massagens, e 6 anos para fisioterapia) mas a renda é a mesma.

Estude na Academia Nacional de Osteopatia, torne-se um osteopata e garanta o seu futuro.

A Academia Nacional de Osteopatia é a maior faculdade de osteopatia manual do mundo. A NAO ensina osteopatia manual em 65 cidades em 33 países.

Academia Nacional de Osteopatia
Garantia de Sucesso

Why Study Osteopathy (French)

PROFESSIONNELS DE LA SANTÉ: devenir ostéopathe en 4 mois
En ligne ou Campus base, en France et au Québec. Étudier en français.

4 Diplôme mois en ostéopathie ou 4 ans Diplôme en ostéopathie. Nous avons deux programmes.

Pourquoi devriez-vous étudier l'ostéopathie ?

L'ostéopathie, c'est la santé. Aucune autre profession ne vous procure le même bonheur. Aider les autres à ne plus souffrir est vraiment la meilleure des sensations.

L'ostéopathie est la profession qui se développe le plus à travers le monde.

L'ostéopathie est le traitement de choix des patients ayant des douleurs dorsales (par rapport à la chiropractie, le massage, la physiothérapie, l'acupuncture et la médecine traditionnelle).

De nombreuses recherches montrent que l'ostéopathie est le traitement le plus efficace contre les douleurs dorsales.

Les traitements ostéopathiques sont doux, sans douleur, sûrs, et leurs résultats ont été prouvés concernant les problèmes musculaires, des os, des nerfs et des tendons.

Il n'y a pas de chômage dans cette profession, tous les ostéopathes trouvent du travail.

Le revenu annuel moyen d'un ostéopathe est de 90,000$ (soit environ 70,000€).

Les ostéopathes sont entre autres employés dans des centres de convalescence, des centres médicaux, des clubs de santé, et des spas, commençant à 30$ de l'heure (soit 23€).

Les nouveaux ostéopathes peuvent monter leur propre clinique dans le monde entier : Canada, USA, Europe, Asie, Afrique, et Australie.

Il faut 4 mois pour devenir ostéopathe (alors qu'il en faut 7 pour devenir chiropracteur, 2 pour les thérapies de massage, et 6 pour la physiothérapie) mais le revenu est le même.

Etudie à l'Académie Nationale d'Ostéopathie, deviens ostéopathe et assure ton avenir.

L'Académie Nationale d'Ostéopathie est la plus grande école d'ostéopathie manuelle du monde.

L'ANO enseigne l'ostéopathie dans 65 villes parmi 33 pays.
Académie Nationale d'Ostéopathie
Le succès est garanti

Why Study Osteopathy (Italian)

PROFESSIONISTI DELLA SALUTE: Diventa un osteopata in 4 mesi online o in campus in Italia, Studio Osteopatia in italiano

Diploma 4 mesi in osteopatia o 4 anni di laurea in osteopatia. Abbiamo entrambi i programmi.

Perché Dovresti Studiare l'Osteopatia?

Osteopatia vuol dire assistenza sanitaria. Nessun'altra professione dà la stessa gioia. Aiutare le persone a liberarsi dal dolore è la sensazione migliore!

L'osteopatia è la professione sempre più in rapido aumento al mondo.

L'osteopatia è al primo posto della scelta dei trattamenti dei pazienti per il mal di schiena leggero (rispetto a chiropratica, massaggi, fisioterapia, agopuntura e medicina).

Numerose ricerche mostrano l'osteopatia come il trattamento più efficace per il dolore di schiena.

I trattamenti osteopatici sono delicati, indolori, sicuri, provati e molto efficaci contro i disturbi di muscoli, ossa, articolazioni e nervi.

Non c'è disoccupazione in questa professione. Tutti gli osteopati trovano un'occupazione.

Il reddito annuo medio per gli osteopati è di $90.000.

Gli osteopati sono assunti da cliniche di riabilitazione, centri medici, centri benessere, terme e altri con una tariffa iniziale di $30 all'ora.

I nuovi osteopati possono aprire le proprie cliniche quasi in tutto il mondo, tra cui Canada, Stati Uniti, Europa, Asia, Africa e Australia.

I pazienti adorano i trattamenti osteopatici. A Richmond Hill nell'Ontario (Canada) c'è una lista d'attesa di 2 mesi per vedere un osteopata. In Iran c'è un'attesa di 6 mesi per il trattamento!

Ci vogliono 4 mesi per diventare un osteopata (rispetto a 7 anni per la chiropratica, 2 anni per la terapia di massaggio e 6 anni per la fisioterapia), ma il loro reddito è lo stesso.

Studia all'Accademia Nazionale di Osteopatia, diventa un osteopata e garantisci il tuo futuro.

L'Accademia Nazionale dell'Osteopatia è il più grande istituto di osteopatia manuale al mondo.

NAO insegna osteopatia manuale in 65 città e in 33 paesi.

Accademia Nazionale di Osteopatia

Garanzia di successo

Why Study Osteopathy (Japanese)






















NAO では33カ国65都市でオステオパシーを指導しています。



Why Study Osteopathy (Chinese)









呢个行业係"零"失业率嘅,所有 整骨疗法专家都揾到工.




患者中意整骨疗法。喺安大略省嘅Richmond Hill,整骨疗法专家嘅候诊名单长达两个月,而伊朗长达六个月!






Why Study Osteopathy (Korean)

건강 전문가 : 4 개월 만에 Osteopath되기
온라인 또는 한국에서 인 캠퍼스

osteopathy 4 개월 디플로마 또는 osteopathy 4 년 학위를 취득했습니다. 우리는 두 프로그램이 있습니다.

왜 정골요법을 공부해야 할까요?

정골요법은 건강관리입니다. 다른 어느 직업도 이런 기쁨을 주지는 못합니다. 사람들에게 통증을 없애주는것은 최고의 느낌입니다.

정골요법은 세계에서 가장 빠르게 성장하는 건강관리 관련 직업입니다.

정골요법은 아래 쪽 허리 통증 환자들에게 최선의 선택입니다. ( 척추 교정 지압법, 마사지, 물리치료, 침술 과 약물 치료와 비교하여도 그렇습니다. )

많은 연구도 정골요법은 허리 통증에 가장 효과적인 치료법이라는 것을 보여 주고 있습니다.

정골요법은 근육, 뼈, 관절 및 신경 질환에 부드럽고, 고통이 없고, 안전하며, 검증되었고 매우 효과적인 치료입니다.

실업률도 제로입니다. 정골요법사는 취직이 잘 됩니다.

정골요법사는 평균 일년에 90000 달러를 범니다.

정골요법사는 재활 클리닉, 의료기관, 헬스 클럽, 스파 등에서 시간당 30달러로 일하기 시작합니다.

갖 졸업한 정골요법사는 캐나다, 미국, 유럽, 아시아, 아프리카 및 호주를 포함한 세계 어디에서나 자신의 클리닉을 개업 할 수 있습니다.

환자들은 정골요법 치료를 좋아합니다. 캐나다 온타리오에 있는 리치몬드 힐에서는 정골요법사를 보기위해 2달을 기다려야 합니다. 이란에서는 6개월을 기다려 치료를 받습니다.

척추 교정 지압사가 되는데 7년, 마사지치료사가 되는데는 2년, 그리고 물리 치료사가 되는데는 6년이 걸리는데 비교하여, 정골요법사는 4개월이면 되지만 수입은 똑같습니다.

에서 공부하여, 정골요법사가 되어 미래를 보장 받으십시요.

는 세계에서 가장 큰 손을 이용한 정골요법 학교입니다. NAO는 33개국에 65개의 도시에서 손을 이용한 정골요법을 가르치고 있습니다.

성공 보장

Why Study Osteopathy (Arabic)

العاملين في مجال الصحة: أخصائي تقويم العظام تصبح في 4 أشهر
عبر الإنترنت أو في الحرم الجامعي في اللغة العربية

4 أشهر دبلوم في العظام أو 4 سنوات شهادة في العظام. لدينا
كلا البرنامجين.

لماذا يجب عليك دراسة طب تقويم العظام؟ (osteopathy)

طب تقويم العظام هي الرعاية الصحية. لن تعطيك اي مهنة اخري السعادة نفسها. مساعدة الناس في ان يتخلصوا من الالم هو شعور احسن من اي وقت مضي
طب تقويم العظام هي اسرع مهنة رعاية صحية في العالم
وجد طب تقويم العظام انه الاختيار الاول لعلاج الام الظهر السفلية ( بالمقارنة بـتقويم العمود الفقري، المساج، العلاج الطبيعي، العلاج بالابر و الدواء)
بحوث عدة تظهر طب تقويم العظام انه اكثر العلاج المؤثرة لالام الظهر
معلاجات تقويم العظام هي لطيفة، خالية من الالم، مثبت انها آمنه و مؤثرة في اضطرابات العضلات و العظام و المفاصل و الاعصاب
هناك صفر بطالة في هذة المهنة. كل اطباء تقويم العظام يجدون وظائف.
متوسط الدخل السنوي لاطباء تقويم العظام هو 90000 دولار
اطباء تقويم العظام يتم توظيفهم بواسطة عيادات اعادة التأهيل، المراكز الطبية، النوادي الصحية، المنتجعات و اخرون بداية من 30 دولار بالساعة
يمكن لاطباء تقويم العظام ان يفتحوا عياداتهم الخاصة بأي مكان بالعالم بما فيها كندا، الولايات المتحدة، اوروبا، اسيا، افريقيا و استراليا
المرضي يحبون علاجات تقويم العظام. يوجد في ريتشموند هيل، اونتاريو (كندا)، لائحة انتظار لمدة شهرين لرؤية طبيب تقوية العظام. في ايران المريض يجب ان ينتظر 6 اشهر للعلاج.
تستغرق ان تكون طبيب تقوية عظام 4 اشهر (بالمقارنة ب7 سنوات في تقويم العامود الفقري، سنتان من العلاج بالمساج و 6 ستة سنوات من العلاج الطبيعي) و دخلهم هو ذاته
ادرس في الاكاديمية الوطنية لطب لتقويم العظام، و اصبح طبيب معالج تقويم عظام و امن مستقبلك
الاكاديمية الوطنية لطب لتقويم العظام هي اكبر كلية عملية لطب تقويم العظام في العالم
الاكاديمية تعلم تقويم العظام العملي في 62 مدينة عبر 32 دولة

Osteopathic Student Letter to Dr Shahin Pourgol

Very kind comments from one of NAO students, Mr. Luis Rivera that was posted on his Facebook (used with permission):

……. Here is to wishing more people were willing to teach and serve as Dr. Shahin Pourgol. The man is a beacon of light…….. he is amazing. I watch his lectures in awe and am like, I wish I would have had this 15 years ago!........... They are really helpful with the whole explanation of courses…….It is of great value to the health arena and honestly is very revolutionary. They explain the scope and proper usage of techniques, and want you to succeed from day one. I am doing it part time. I mean I have been soaking in so much & I am already on day 5-6 and I have only been in it for less than a week. They provide everything you need to be a success. Check it out my friend and if you have questions contact them. God bless.

Luis Rivera
NAO Student
USA, Part Time Class of March 2013

Osteopathic Education: 4 Months or 4 Years?

Osteopathic Education: 4 Months or 4 Years?

Words from Dr S. Pourgol

I have learned that everyone wants to reach the top to find happiness, without knowing that the real happiness is in every moment of the journey in reaching the peak.

Dr Shahin Pourgol
NAO president

Words from Dr Shawn Pourgol

My personal interpretation of the foundation of osteopathic philosophy is that structure governs function. Move the structure & you will change function. This in my opinion is the main component of osteopathy and how osteopathy is found to be so effective in treating disorders of mechanical origin such as posterior facet syndrome, the most common cause of low back pain.

Dr. Shawn Pourgol

Dr Pourgol at NAO Osteopathic Outreach Clinic in Cuba

Dr Pourgol, president of National Academy of Osteopathy with Dr Gomez, the Cuban physician supervising the National Academy of Osteopathy graduates who are providing free osteopathic treatments to Cubans at the osteopathy outreach clinic in Cuba that NAO had set up in 2012.

NAO Approved by the Ontario College of Rehabilitation Sciences

The Ontario College of Osteopathic Rehabilitation Sciences ( has approved the “Osteopathic Rehabilitation Sciences” fellowship program of National Academy of Osteopathy. NAO is now an accredited member of OCORS.

OCORS only approves manual osteopathy educational diploma or degree programs that are World Health Organization (WHO) compliant and at a minimum teach 4200 hours (approximately 4 years).

Graduates of the NAO fellowship program in Osteopathic Rehabilitation Sciences are now able to apply for membership to OCORS to receive a license number that can be used when they bill insurers for manual osteopathy treatments performed in Canada.

Osteopathy Graduate Hired at $50/hour


National Academy of Osteopathy wishes to congratulate NAO graduate, Mr S. Hussein for being hired as a manual osteopath by a rehabilitation clinic in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada at a salary of $50 per hour.

This is the second time an NAO graduate lands a job at $50 per hour. At the time when chiropractors in Toronto, with 7 years of education are hired at $30 to $40 per hour, or massage therapists with 2 years of education are hired at $20 to $25 per hour, being hired at $50 per hour after studying 4 months is quite an achievement.

Join NAO, become a manual osteopath & secure your future.

NAO Graduated Osteopath Hired at $55 per hour


After congratulating the NAO graduate Mr S. Hussein for landing a job at a rehab clinic at $50 per hour in Richmond Hill (the 2nd NAO graduate to do so), we were just informed by another NAO graduate that he is receiving $55 per hour as a manual osteopath in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This is the highest salary we know of any of our graduates. If anyone is hired with a salary more than this please let us know.

We congratulate Mr F. Azevedo for becoming the NAO graduate with the highest salary & being the best paid NAO graduated manual osteopath.

This is just amazing. Making $55 per hour after 4 months of study is a great achievement. There simply is not another profession that offers such high rewards in such short time. It takes 7 years to become a chiropractor, 4 years to become a physiotherapist & 2 years to become a massage therapist. And their starting salary for a new graduate ranges from $20 to $40 per hour while manual osteopaths are hired at $30 per hour on average.

We are honored to help people become productive members of the society. And we continue to provide you with unique, innovative & affordable osteopathic education.

NAO graduates successful manual osteopath!

Top Female Taekwondo Champion Studies Osteopathy

We are glad to announce that one of the top female Taekwondo champions of Canada has registered in the DOMP program of National Academy of Osteopathy. NAO is attracting high caliber students and as usual we are so proud of our students.

Over 36,000 Facebook Fans!

36,000 Facebook fans for National Academy of Osteopathy.

 Thank you for LIKING us!

A Kind Letter to Dr Pourgol from an Osteopathy Student

A kind letter to Dr Pourgol from NAO student Mr Luis Rivera

Thank you Dr. Shahin Pourgol for being a constant inspiration in my life. In such a short time under your tutelage the cobwebs have been taken off my life, and success continues to follow me. Reformulation of thought through simplicity and application.

What Organizations have accreditted National Academy of Osteopathy?

What Organizations Have Accredited NAO?

National Academy of Osteopathy is a fully accredited osteopathic school and our students have access to membership in many organizations in their fields. Some of the organizations that approve NAO include:

-International Osteopathic Association (IOA)
-Canadian Manual Osteopathy Examining Board (CMOEB)
-Alberta College of Osteopathic Rehabilitation Sciences (ACORS)
-International Osteopathy Examining Board (IOEB)
-Ontario College of Osteopathic Rehabilitation Sciences (OCORS)
-Council on Manual Osteopathy Education (CMOE)
-British Columbia College of Osteopathic Rehabilitation Sciences (BCCORS)

Words from Dr Pourgol

People generally connect their results to the amount of time they spend achieving them. The more time they spend, the greater the result they think. They assume the relationship between time and result is a linear one. By changing this perspective & looking at it as
an exponential relationship, you are introduced to a world of new possibilities where you can get great results in no time at all.

Dr Shahin Pourgol

Keep Calm & Call an Osteopath

Keep calm and call an osteopath.

Osteopathy is Top Profession # 13

OSTEOPATHY is Top Profession #13

Manual Osteopathy has been chosen as top occupation #13 in demand in Canada (2012) by the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (report published in the Toronto Star newspaper.)

International Osteopathic association Scholarships

$20,000 in Scholarships offered by International Osteopathic Association to celebrate World Osteopathy Day

The International Osteopathic Association ( is offering scholarships to 35 manual o
steopaths on June 22nd to celebrate the World Osteopathy Day.

The 35 scholarships are values at $565 each. There are 35 osteopathic schools accredited by IOA and one scholarship is allocated to one graduate of each osteopathic school.

National Academy of Osteopathy graduates who have successfully passed all NAO exams and have graduated are eligible to apply for this scholarship.

To apply for the scholarship please contact IOA at

National Academy of Osteopathy Spanish Website

National Academy of Osteopathy Spanish Website

The Spanish language website of National Academy of Osteopathy has been set up.

Academia Nacional de Osteopatía sitio web en español.