Monday, June 24, 2019

NAO President meets with Prime Minister

National Academy of Osteopathy president, Honorable, Dr Shawn Pourgol, minister of education for the Southern Cherokee Nation and the Red Fire People (SCNRFP) travelled to Helen, Georgia in the United States to meet with SCNRFP Prime Minister, Chief Usti.

Minister Pourgol also received his tribal identification card directly from Prime Minister. The SCNRFP Tribal ID card allows the holder to travel between Canada, USA and Mexico without a passport. It also exempts the holder from paying personal income tax in US.

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

American College of Physical Medicine Accepts NAO

We are happy to announce that National Academy of Osteopathy students can now join the American College of Physical Medicine.

The American College of Physical Medicine is a medical association open to manual osteopaths and other health professionals.

To apply for membership please contact ACPM directly at: Thank you.

NAO president's first trip to USA as a Minister of Education

National Academy of Osteopathy president, Honorable Dr Shawn Pourgol, The Minister of Education for the State of SCNRFP has been invited to Helen, Georgia in US, for a round of government meeting by the Prime Minister of the State of Southern Cherokee Nation and the Red Fire People.

Minister Pourgol has been given citizenship to the Nation prior to being appointed their minister of education by the Prime Minister, Dr Usti.

The Cherokee are the majority people of this Nation and constitute most government officials of this State. However the Red Fire People are the high priests tasked with keeping the sacred knowledge of creator. They are the keepers of "red fire" the ancient wisdom. The head of the state is a member of Red Fire People.

Honor, pride and integrity are the driving forces of the Cherokee People. Love of the mother earth and protecting it, is what the Red Fire People have been doing in the past 3,500 years.