Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Newfoundland and Labrador’s Organization of Women Entrepreneurs (NLOWE) Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award Winner is an NAO Graduate!

 Congratulations to National Academy of Osteopathy graduate, Jaime Evans for receiving the 2021 Newfoundland and Labrador’s Organization of Women Entrepreneurs (NLOWE) Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

National Academy of Osteopathy graduates successful manual osteopaths because our students receive over 250 business management lectures by Dr Shawn Pourgol, MBA, DC, DO, PhD. These lectures are the main reason why NAO alumni have average annual income of $150,000 which is $60,000 more than what other manual osteopaths make in Canada.

Congratulations to the College of Registered Manual Osteopaths for being recognized by the Alberta Blue Cross


The College of Registered Manual Osteopaths received the following statement from Alberta Blue Cross Insurance Company in regards to reimbursement for manual osteopathic care provided by Registered Manual Osteopaths (RMOs):
“Alberta Blue Cross does not have an approved provider list, we simply verify the credentials of practitioners as claims come in. Since the College of Registered Manual Osteopaths is located in Ontario, we would recognize them as a body for manual osteopaths practicing in Ontario. The approval or denial of claims will depend on the specific benefits of the member’s plan.”

Congratulations to the College of registered Manual Osteopaths For Being Accepted by Medavie Blue Cross

 Congratulations to the College of Registered Manual Osteopaths for getting registered manual osteopaths accepted by the Medavie Blue Cross in Canada. This is a big achievement for RMOs.

Free ACMA Membership

 National Academy of Osteopathy DOMP graduates who have a degree in naprapathy can now bill Canadian extended health plan insurers for manual osteopathy as well as naturotherapy if they are a member of the Quebec based national association, the Canadian Alliance of Alternative Medicine (ACMA). NAO graduates who have already joined ACMA as a manual osteopath will receive free ACMA naturotherapy membership.

A message received yesterday from Karin Ann

 A message received yesterday from Karin Ann, a National Academy of Osteopathy student who practices in London, Ontario:

Hi Dr. Pourgol:
I was nominated as the Gold winner in the best manual osteopathy clinic in London (Ontario). NAO graduates are taking London by storm!!!
There is a clinic belonging to graduates of Canadian Academy of Osteopathy a block from me and in the last 90 days, 19 of their patients have found me and switched to my care Completely unprompted by me. They're just finding I have higher empathy, I'm kind, I get quicker and longer results and overall provide better care.
I cannot thank you enough. You have literally changed the trajectory of my life.

A beautiful post from a National Academy of Osteopathy student


Thank you so much NAO
My time spent with NAO was a very enjoyable experience . I found online was very beneficial as I could see the classes as many times as I wanted. And whenever I asked questions they were always answered. The forums and private groups all the students worked to help one another. It was a great learning experience. I enjoyed it so much I went on to NUMSS and continued studies. That also was equally as great and just built upon the knowledge previous . The business classes are extremely beneficial and after graduation whenever I had questions or issues the private groups and staff were always there to help. I plan to continue learning with them as now they are like family . Even currently I continue to improve my work as an Osteopath .

Thomas Elisseou, PhD, DO, BScO, DOMP

Our students love NAO (& we love them also)!


Here is a beautiful post from registered manual osteopath/Yoga teacher Yazdan Raees, DOMP, RMO who practices in the beaches area in Toronto.
National Academy of Osteopathy is amazing!!
My experience in NAO was very interesting and I learned alot. The approach used by the founder of NAO, Dr. Pourgol is very unique. Not only you learn alot during the course but your learning never stops after.
Most importantly you grow in many ways, not only as a therapist and practitioner but also as a business person, as a clinic owner, as an educator, even as a better and more positively impactful human.
You learn the skills to help people live pain free but also how to improve your own quality of life. The curriculum is very diverse and always improving that comes with the flexible and scientific approach that keeps getting better year after year.
The support of NAO does not stop after graduation and you keep getting genuine support for as long as you are open to it. The skills you learn about managing your clinic, growing your practice and also in investment is extremely valuable.
I went to NAO wanting to learn a very specific aspect of Osteopathy but it opened my mind into so many tools Osteopathy offers us as practitioners to help others.
I would say NAO is a great place to start or continue your journey and you become a part of a global family that is very unique, modern and filled with interesting people you meet and things that you learn to always keep you ahead and make a better version of yourself.

NAO Graduate Publishes Book

 We wish to congratulate National Academy of Osteopathy student, Dr. Ann Shivas, PhD, MT, DOMP for publishing her first book, now on sale on Amazon.

Dr Shivas is an ex member of the Canada's National Soccer Team. She currently lives in New Zealand but continues managing her successful osteopathy clinics in Quebec.
We remember receiving an email once from one of her patients, Mark MacNeil, a massage therapist in Quebec. He had a shoulder condition and even though had treatments from 5 Quebec osteopaths he did not get better. After seeing Dr Shivas for just one visit his pain was gone. Mark was so impressed with the effectiveness of her style of orthopedic osteopathy that he also enrolled at NAO to become an osteopath.
We are proud to have her as one of our alumni.

Toronto Football Club Rehab Specialist Enrolls at National Academy of Osteopathy

We are honored that Marcelo Casal, the Rehabilitation Specialist for Toronto FC has enrolled in the DOMP program we offer at National Academy of Osteopathy.
Osteopathy has become quite popular with athletes and those who treat athletes. We have a number of alumni who are the team manual osteopaths for national level Karate, Taekwondo, Volleyball, Football, boxing, wrestling, dancing, & swimming in Canada & other countries as well as the Porsche Car Racing teams in Atlanta, Georgia (USA).
While all teams these days have athletic therapists, chiropractors and physiotherapists, not so many have manual osteopaths. Becoming a manual osteopath is a sure easy way to join athletic teams for those who wish to provide care to professional athletes.

A beautiful post from a recent NAO graduate

I would like to thank National Academy of Osteopathy for offering me a new career path in healthcare. The school has allowed me to take care of my health and related family members' health on an expert level. I have used the techniques I learned in school to alleviate back pain for my brothers, neck mobility for my sister, visceral therapy to assist my father during his terminal illness and many others.
The school has improved and expanded my skill set to become a knowledgeable therapist. Now I am on my journey to pursue my own clinic; the Spine Mobility and Osteopathy.
NAO also has a strong support group that allows you to continue learning and growing the vision of owning a successful business. Thank you Dr Pourgol for giving me a new journey in my life that I am truly passionate about and truly enjoy.
Loi Hua, BSc, DOMP
1658 Asgard Drive
Mississauga, Ontario
Tel.: (647) 448-6655

A beautiful post by National Academy of Osteopathy student Joshua Sibley

The community of NAO is one I am proud to be part of. During my studies I have met amazing Health Professionals that share their love for Manual Osteopathy and this has only encouraged me to go full out into this profession! I am excited to continue my journey into NUMSS, but I am most excited about the amazing members that support each other throughout this environment Dr Pourgol has established for us!

A beautiful post by NA graduate in Alberta, osteopathic manual practitioner, Paolo Manalo, DOMP:

Osteopathy Works!
Thank you Jesus for the opportunity and the ability to help people have a Pain Free Life! And to restore their body's normal function!
Thank you National Academy of Osteopathy for introducing me to Osteopathy! Now I have the most rewarding career. There's nothing that can beat helping people experience solutions for their Chronic Pain.
If you want to become a health practitioner, I highly recommend becoming a Manual Osteopath and to experience Osteopathy.
Please study at NAO! Because it's the best Manual Medicine school out there. No bias!
Osteopathy has a holistic approach to treatment and finds the root cause of your pain.
Thank you Dr. Shawn Pourgol for always going extra miles for us to become a better Osteopathic Manual Practitioner in practice, business, and in life!
Thank you for pushing us to dream big, but at the same time to have fun in life and to appreciate God's goodness!

Our DOMP Program, with 2260 Hours Has More Lecture Hours Than Most Other Schools of Osteopathy

Did you know National Academy of Osteopathy DOMP program at over 2260 hours is one of the most in-dept osteopathy programs in Canada?
There are a number of schools in Canada offering 3 to 5 years osteopathy programs but their total teaching hour ranges between 300 to 1500 hours as they teach one weekend a month, 6 months per year.
NAO graduates can join the College of Registered Manual Osteopaths to become an RMO which gives them the ability to bill most private health insurers in Canada.
Additionally manual osteopath, naprapath & chiropractor, Dr Shawn Pourgol, MBA, DC, DO, DN, PhD teaches them all he knows about business in over 250 business management lectures which enables them to have annual average income of $150,000 which is $60,000 more than what other manual osteopaths make in Canada.
You can study osteopathy anywhere. But to become a successful manual osteopath, there is only NAO.