Sunday, July 24, 2016

Dasha sends us a photo from Cuba

Thanks to National Academy of Osteopathy student, Dasha Veprjitska for sending us this photo.

11.1% of NAO graduates have annual incom eof over $150K

Did you know the NAO alumni survey 2015 reported that 11.1% of National Academy of Osteopathy graduates in Canada made over $150,000 in 2015?

Beautiful photos of NAO student practicing techniques

National Academy of Osteopathy student, Trevor Adam Cragg practicing visceral osteopathy and other techniques.

NAO student: Shirin Pourgol (Dr Pourgol's sister)

National Academy of Osteopathy student, Shirin Pourgol (who is Dr Pourgol's sister) practicing visceral osteopathy.

Our graduates live longer, live happier

A number of recent surveys and research by a leading US university (published by Time Magazine) indicates those with good income live on average 15 years longer than those with poor income in the United States.

About 1% of North Americans make over $100,000 in annual income per year.

11.10 % of National Academy of Osteopathy graduates in Canada made over $150,000 in 2015.

Additionally these individuals with high income are twice as happy as those with incomes of less than $40,000 per year. As we have always said money does buy happiness!

This survey also found that while the rate of divorce in North America is approximately over 50%, the rate for those in high income bracket mentioned above is just 19%.

We teach everything we know about business management and entrepreneurship to our students. This is the main reason why we graduate successful manual osteopaths.

98.2% of our graduates refer others to NAO

93.8% of Canadian NAO graduates in 2015 were happy with the osteopathic education they received at National Academy of Osteopathy.

98.2% of NAO graduates would refer NAO to others who wish to study manual osteopathy.

Meditation for Business Success

You all know the benefits of meditation for the body and mind, its effect on improving health and the brain. However did you know even 5 minutes of meditation per day improves your creativity and focus?

You need creativity to come up with unique ways of improving your business. Being able to focus for a prolonged period is highly effective in finding solutions to your business problems.

Professionals who are creative and able to solve problems easily and effectively becomes highly in demand and quite successful in whatever they do.

This is why big companies like Google, Facebook and Microsoft have rooms dedicated to meditation and offer free meditation classes to employees as well. Many of their corporate meetings are held in meditation resorts.

For me, the best time to meditate is right around sunrise, when the orange glow brings with it the potential of a beautiful happy day.

Dr Shahin Pourgol, MBA, DC, DO, PhD

NAO graduate on Radio

Congratulations to our student Thomas Andrew (practicing in Bermuda) for being invited by the Bermuda Broadcasting Radio to have a show on osteopathy. Thomas spoke about osteopathic management of low back pain. We are proud of our students.

Cirque du Soleil

We were just informed that our osteopathy student, Thomas Andrew did some work with Cirque du Soleil , in their Quidam tour. We are proud of our students!

CPR course for our students and graduates

As you know more and more osteopathy associations now require proof that you have completed a CPR course prior to accepting you as a member. One of our students is a certified CPR instructor who will attend the two weeks practical classes in August. She has agree to have one class for our students and graduates at National Academy of Osteopathy campus in Toronto in August 2016. The cost is $80 per person and you will receive a certificate upon completion. Please contact registered nurse (and NAO student) Candace Terry RN (a Red Cross Training Partner) at 1-855-499-2106 or email to reserve space. This is not an NAO course. It is offered through Red Cross. NAO has no information on this course. We just provide space, free of charge to our student to have this course for our students and alumni.

NAO Graduate in BC Summer Games

Congratulations to National Academy of Osteopathy graduate, manual osteopath Justin Frankson, DOMP (practicing in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada) for representing the profession of osteopathy in the 2016 BC Summer games.
It is the first time some of the athletes participating in these athletic events had exposure to manual osteopathic care.
This is a proud moment for the profession. And we are grateful to have such distinguished graduates who elevate the profession.