Sunday, July 24, 2016

CPR course for our students and graduates

As you know more and more osteopathy associations now require proof that you have completed a CPR course prior to accepting you as a member. One of our students is a certified CPR instructor who will attend the two weeks practical classes in August. She has agree to have one class for our students and graduates at National Academy of Osteopathy campus in Toronto in August 2016. The cost is $80 per person and you will receive a certificate upon completion. Please contact registered nurse (and NAO student) Candace Terry RN (a Red Cross Training Partner) at 1-855-499-2106 or email to reserve space. This is not an NAO course. It is offered through Red Cross. NAO has no information on this course. We just provide space, free of charge to our student to have this course for our students and alumni.

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