Sunday, December 3, 2017

CAT writes about NAO

Certified athletic therapist Nichelle Thomson, CAT is an exceptional athlete who has won a number of beauty pageants in Canada, including the 2012 Miss North Ontario Pageant and best talent Miss Teen Canada World 2012. Below is a post she wrote on why she chose to study at NAO:

For me, it's all about quality over quantity. National Academy of Osteopathy (NAO), is the only school world-wide that offers manual osteopathy in six months, five days a week, for students with prior health backgrounds. During these six months, we practice hands-on techniques daily. Since I am primarily a hands-on learner, this aspect was very important to me and made NAO stand out.

Although everyone's way of learning is different and some may prefer to go to school once a month for three to five years, for me, NAO's method of delivery suited my academic needs more effectively. Not to mention NAO's extensive business lectures! This alone puts NAO above every other school as no one else offers business lectures on how to run a successful practice/clinic. And who better to learn it from than from someone how has actually done it themselves!

After watching over 160 of Dr. Pourgol's business and ethics lecture videos, I have exemplary confidence and I know I will continue to expand on the knowledge he has taught me. I am no longer intimidated by the thought of running my own clinic(s).

When someone can manage to successfully combine both therapeutic skills and business smarts in one program, you create highly competent practitioners who can better serve the public. And for this I will be forever grateful. Thank you NAO! Thank you Dr. Pourgol!

Nichelle Thomson
NAO Student - Class of September 2017