Thursday, August 10, 2017

Osteopathic Education for the hearing impaired

Due to our innovative advanced teaching methods, we have been able to introduce osteopathic education to the hearing and visually impaired individuals. Here is a post from Chanez Ouchene, a hearing impaired student (from Paris, France and now residing in Canada) of National Academy of Osteopathy on why she chose to study osteopathy with us:

"The art of gesture that relieves"

I have always loved the human body since childhood. I did not yet know what profession I will do. I knew one thing, that my handicap will make me barrage for certain trades. I have a disability: I'm deaf.

When I communicate with patients, the barrier is present, I read the lips of the patients and if I do not understand, we will either mime or we write on paper.

But thanks to this handicap, I have another sense that has developed: the touch and thanks to the touch, I manage to break the barrier that hangs between the patient and me.

Especially I can feel the body of the patient, his muscles, his bones.

It always requires much more effort, more concentration than a listener, but when this profession becomes a passion, one forgets all the difficulty of the handicap.

You feel stronger, you feel more helpful to help your patient.

What I also like about osteopathy is its originality of not using any medicine or instrument.
I looked for a school of osteopathy and the only school that seemed to me the best was NAO. I feel that this school is listening to each student and allows you to evolve to the maximum, and my handicap did not disturb them which seemed logical to go to them and I thank them very much for being able to make me discover this magnificent trade.

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