Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Registered massage therapist Rachel Orr, RMT writes about NAO

I knew I was not helping my clients to manage pain and symptoms in the most efficient and effective way possible, because there was so much more to know and a whole different way to think about it. Osteopathy was that magical knowledge that was just out of my grasp.

I had made a plan that after 5 years as an R.M.T. I would enroll in an Osteopathic college. The day had come and I enrolled to find out something even more magical had happened, and I was pregnant with my daughter.

I resolved that to get one dream, others have to put on hold or abandoned. After having children, time and money become obstacles that are harder to overcome than in our younger more "fancy-free" days. Plus, 4-5 years at an Osteopathic College, with a young child, not to mention the cost, and I was already down to part time as a massage therapist. It didn't make sense anymore. The money and time were just not there. So I put my dream of being a Manual Osteopath to the back of my mind and that was that.

A few years later, a dear friend of mine reminded me of my long lost dream. Life had settled some, there was a little more time and a little more money, but again it still didn't justify 4-5 years and the cost of a university education in my 40's. Sometimes dreams just don't get to come true.

My friend had found a school, National Academy of Osteopathy in North York, Ontario, and I could get my dream in 6 months full time or a year part time AND still work and be home with my daughter for a fraction of the cost of the 4 and 5 year schools? What?! Not possible I said! Can't be true! I don't believe it... what's the catch? Can't be a real school! It is, it really is. I called the Registrar (to the point of abuse!) to confirm it is indeed a real school and they condense the program so you can get it done and get your dream!

Dr. Shahin Pourgol loves osteopathy and wants you to take the program in its entirety in a condensed time frame so you can get out and work and share Osteopathy with the world. It's a genius concept and I am so grateful. Without his forward thinking I would have missed out on a profession I have so deeply found meaning and success in!

Thank you Dr. Pourgol from the bottom of my heart. Your passion and forward thinking have allowed so many of us to gain this knowledge and make you proud.

To try it for yourself, please contact me at rachel.orr.rmt@gmail.com and let me introduce you to a whole new way of healing!

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