Monday, July 10, 2017

Helping Foreign Physiotherapists Work in Canada

Did you know we help many International Medical Graduates work in Canada as health professionals? 
It takes foreign graduated physiotherapists usually about five years to obtain a license to practice as a physiotherapist in Canada. Many of these IMGs choose to study osteopathy at National Academy of Osteopathy which enables them to start working after 6 months of osteopathic educations in Canada.

Many of these IMGs remain as manual osteopaths because with 98% rate, manual osteopaths have the highest job satisfaction of all other health professions. This is mainly due to the success of osteopathy in treating chronic last resort cases.

Here is a post from Elias, a foreign graduated physiotherapist (not licensed in Ontario) who is an NAO student:

Like many immigrant healthcare professionals, the biggest barrier to practicing in this country is my lack of Canadian credentials. Although I arrived in Canada with a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy, a diploma in Rhythmic Massage, a lifetime of self-directed study and 20 years of practical therapeutic experience, the path to success remains elusive. I have found part-time work at an advanced health clinic in Toronto and take on private clients but without Canadian credentials my clients cannot claim my treatments for insurance purposes. I had to obtain the Canadian credentials that would build on my already considerable knowledge and experience as a therapist.

Through much research it became obvious that obtaining my credentials as a Manual Osteopathic Practitioner would be the perfect fit. This gentle, effective, supportive therapy integrated with the other techniques that I use would be of great benefit to my clients. Finding the appropriate school was the next step. I needed a strong curriculum, accreditation, plus a manageable time frame and affordable fees. I had to continue working while I attended the courses so I also needed a program that I could integrate into my already busy schedule. Although I found many options available only the National Academy of Osteopathy (NAO) met all of my criteria.

My recent participation in the NAO’s accelerated six month program is just what I required. Not only is the NAO’s Diploma in Osteopathic Manual Practice a recognized professional accreditation in Canada but it expands my ability to bring a knowledgeable, balanced, well-rounded approach to my clients. The training I’m receiving in osteopathy-specific manual techniques is an aspect of treatment that was missing in my practice prior to attending the NAO.

The ability to safely and effectively relieve my client’s pain by manipulating their joints using these new osteopathy methods adds another tool in my kit as a therapist. I am already able to integrate these new techniques into my client’s treatment sessions with measurable results.

I have never felt comfortable with the business aspect of my work. I always felt a mild anxiety whenever I had to deal with money or paperwork concerning my practice. Through the many business lectures at the NAO I am learning key components that clarify my understanding of best practices and stress the logical steps that are required to running a successful business in Canada. The strong business component at the NAO is foundational and helping me chart a manageable course so I can take my therapeutic practice to the next level with confidence.

Osteopathy’s emphasis on the interrelationship between the structure and function of the body strengthens my ability to assist my clients and ensures they receive the best care and optimal relief from their symptoms. The osteopathy-specific techniques of manual manipulation and massage of the bones, muscles, and joints is enhancing my ability to not only diagnose but to effectively treat my clients. The application of these techniques coupled with solid business practices is providing the sound foundation that I require to offer the optimal healthcare benefits and financial experience my clients expect.

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  1. Thanks for the information how do we apply for the osteopathy training especially online as a foreign students

  2. Please email NAO at to receive the info package which answers all your questions. Thx.

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  4. Hi, thank you for your information.
    I am a physiotherapist in HK and I am looking for a job in Canada. However, the credential and exam is quite challenging. I would like to know if I finished a osteopath program, am I eligible to find a job in Canada? Any overseas program is allowed to join so that I didn’t need to quit my current job?