Sunday, February 8, 2015

Why Chiropractors Study Manual Osteopathy?

Manual osteopathy is very popular amongst chiropractic students. Here are three chiropractic students who have graduated from the Diploma in Osteopathic Manual Practice program (D.O.M.P.) of National Academy of Osteopathy. They attended the graduation ceremony on February 06, 2015 held at the York University Heights campus of NAO. 

Manual osteopaths are in high demand in Canada. In some cities such as London (Ontario, Canada) there is a waiting list of over a year to see a manual osteopath. By becoming a manual osteopath, chiropractors receive more referrals from family physicians and receive more word of mouth referrals, the result being a completely booked up clinic. 

Another benefit for chiropractors to become manual osteopaths is that their patients will have access to more treatments as their extended health plan insurers also cover manual osteopathic care. So when the chiropractic benefit runs out, patients can use manual osteopathic benefit under their insurance plan to receive more treatments if necessary. 

The chiropractic student/massage therapist/manual osteopath in this photo is Marcus Rigoberto Martines (from Life Chiropractic College West), Medical doctor/chiropractic students/manual osteopath, Dr Deepak Pal (from D’Youville College of Chiropractic), and chiropractic student/manual osteopath Elissa Gustafson (from Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College). 

Did you know over half of the manual osteopaths in Canada are National Academy of Osteopathy graduates? To enquire about how you can become a manual osteopath please send us an email to so we could send you the information package.

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