Monday, October 26, 2015

A Beautiful Letter

Letters such as this that I received from Trevor Cragg, my student at National Academy of Osteopathy makes me the happiest teacher in the world!

Professor Shahin Pourgol, MBA, DC, DO, PhD

“The level of energy, enthusiasm and passion that you bring to the science and craft of Osteopathy is both extraordinary and radiant. It is an honor to be taught and mentored by such a strong and positive influence in the field! Happy Birthday!”

Fully Booked Practice in 2 Months!

A Testimonial from a graduate of National Academy of Osteopathy:

Lots Of Gratitude And Appreciation. I have been practicing Osteopathy for about 5 months now and have been almost fully booked from the second month.

It makes me very happy to be able to help people become naturally pain-free and balanced and improve their health and well-being.

With the knowledge I acquired at NAO I have been able to live a lifestyle that I enjoy and create a beneficial balance between self-care, serving the society and ethically earning a proper livelihood.

I am enormously thankful to NAO's caring professional team and faculty and strongly recommend their programs.

Yazdan Raees, DOMP, E-RYT

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

NAO president with Prime Minister of Canada

Canada has a new prime minister!
Congratulations goes to honorable Justin Trudeau for becoming one of the youngest prime ministers of Canada. 

Monday, October 19, 2015

Human Sacrum, a Poem by NAO Student

A beautiful poem by National Academy of Osteopathy student, Dr Chris Vincent, MBBS (October 19, 2015, Toronto, Canada). Dr Vincent aside from being a physician is also a distinguished artist.

Human Sacrum

A Poem
Cobra Head.
A hockey helmet grill.
The sacred shield of the pelvis,
dressed up in a costume
with a gleaming cape
of lumbosacral fascia
and rabbit ears
of erector spinae.

An eight-eyed moth
beating its ilium wings,
moving and still at the same time.
Rami of sacral nerves
enter the foramina
like salmon
swimming upstream.

A large strong bone
like an inverted triangle
tearing the body into  two lower limbs.
A shiny rock dividing a flowing river.
The keystone
of the pelvic girdle
infused with healing energy
from the touch of
the osteopath.

A bone rocket
blasting off into space,
towards the dome of the diaphragm
spewing thick opaque smoke
of ligaments and tendons
billowing in all directions.

The vertebral hat wearing Mayor
of pelvis-town,
playing pied-piper to the spinal bones,
leading them south
away from the skull,
with loud music
from his coccyx-trumpet,
as he performed a dance
of nutation and counternutation.

Blurred image of a regal lion
with a flowing mane of iliacus,
piriformis and gluteus maximus,
sets the backdrop
of the Klondike stampede,
as muscles and vessels
rush between the moist terrain
of hollow cavities,  organs
and visceral folds
and in groups
to reach the lower abdomen
in search of  gold:
the invisible center of gravity,
as a Tasmanian tiger.

Time stands still
as the past, present and future
exist together in harmony
inside the hollow
of the sacral canal,
becoming a tangled rope of possibilities
expressed in silence
via the hiatus.

A wild-boar
with sacral ala ears
and jagged jaw of sacral cornua
projecting  bilaterally,
grunts angrily
and snuffs out the imaginary flame
at the apex
bringing the bone to its end point 

A photograph
of a snow owl
taken in a hurry
as it slowly head-banged
to the song,
“I wanna be yours”
by Arctic Monkeys.
Then put in a picture frame
between sacroiliac joints.
A curved bone
adorned with corn rows,
composed of  median,
intermediate and lateral sacral crests.
Galen’s strong bone.
Sacred bone.
Written by – Dr. Chris Vincent, MBBS


Thursday, October 15, 2015

NAO Student Testimonial from BC

I Know thanksgiving just passed but I would like to give thanks for Manual Osteopathy and NAO for the opportunity that gave me to improve my self and to help others!
I hope everyone had an amazing thanksgiving!

Justin Frankson, DOMP
National Academy of Osteopathy graduate
Abottsford, British Columbia, Canada

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Osteopathy Poem by NAO Student

Since the beginning of the osteopathy profession there were only two poems published, the last one by National Academy of Osteopathy president, Dr Shahin Pourgol.

Now the third osteopathy poems, by NAO student of the manual osteopathy program, Dr Chris Vincent, MD was published today, making it the first osteopathic technique related poem.

This poem is about a side posture technique that was recently taught in the technique class of NAO in Toronto located at the York University Heights campus.

Dr Vincent is an artist. His osteopathy related paintings will be available in 2016. 

Lateral Recumbent Lumbar Mobilization, Posterior to Anterior with Contact on TVP with Knee Bent

A Poem

Lola lay supine
on the forest-green table.
A delicate dandelion
lying on a patch of grass.
Sunlight filtered through
the skylight above
bathing the osteopathic
manual therapy room
with a bright glow
of hope and possibility.
Dante positioned himself
by the side of the table,
his personal battle-field.
He prepares for the fight
against pain
and restricted movements,
between muscles and joints.

For a fleeting moment,
patient and the therapist speak
with words of silence.
Then Lola points to her lower back
with red, painted nails.
Her delicate features
crumpled into anxious lines
on her beautiful face.
Dante nodded
and spoke in a soothing tone
as he directed her to lie on her side
facing him.
He bends her knee
to and angle of 90 degree
and supported it against his strong thigh.
Then he leaned over
and locked her shoulder.

Thick blue clouds
hovering over misty mountain peaks.
He leaned over
Casting a shadow:
a deep valley across the table.
Like gathering rain clouds
over the garden.
A sleek cat climbing
across a window sill
and stretching its torso
to clear the edge.

He places the heel of his palm
over her lumbar region.
Skin on skin.
The human touch: a kiss to the senses.
Muscles roll like clay
as Dante takes his turn
meticulously exerting precise pressure
on her transverse processes.
All the while his elbows pointed out
parallel to the table.
Lola arches her back forward
caught under the spell
of the osteopathic technique.
A  lithe bow curving against
the strength of a sharp arrow.

A painless click is followed
by a silent pop.
Pain had left the body
like a ghost.
Lola felt a sense of comfort
washing over her.
Dante reversed his posture
and stood up tall
by her side
shining in the light.
She thanked him
with words
that fluttered like leaves
floating from trees,
in the Fall. 
Written by - Dr. Chris Vincent, MD & dedicated to NAO president Dr. Shahin Pourgol, MBA, DC, DO, PhD

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Working in a Canadian Hospital

We graduate SUCCESSFUL manual osteopaths! Here is an example: 

Good Afternoon Dr. Pourgol, 

I hope all is well!  I have seen some very exciting news! Congratulations!

Just to update you on how my practice is coming along... I am now 7 months into practicing at an established clinic in Tecumseh, Ontario (suburb of Windsor, ON) alongside 2 chiropractors, a radiologist, a medical doctor, etc.  

I have established a very powerful network of health care professionals whom include multiple physicians, orthopedic surgeons, massage therapists, physiotherapists, etc.  This network has brought along attention from a Canadian Hospital that has recently asked me to discuss the potential of working in the hospital on a part time basis which I would be treating patients as well as the hospital employees!  

I have grossed over $75,000 in the 7 months of practicing and have an average daily patient visit of 20 patients per day while working 6 days per week.  

I have also been asked to work in Plymouth, Michigan in a clinic on a part time basis as well; however, I am unsure of the specifics on how I would be able to practice in the states. Would you be able to give me some advice on that? 

I would love to hear your opinion on everything. Please direct me further with the next steps. 

Thank you for everything, 

Practitioner of Osteopathic Manual Medicine
National Academy of Osteopathy graduate (2015)

"National Academy of Osteopathy teaches in 54 countries. It is the largest provider of manual osteopathic education worldwide. To receive our academic calendar & information package please email us at Thank you."