Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Osteopathy Poem by NAO Student

Since the beginning of the osteopathy profession there were only two poems published, the last one by National Academy of Osteopathy president, Dr Shahin Pourgol.

Now the third osteopathy poems, by NAO student of the manual osteopathy program, Dr Chris Vincent, MD was published today, making it the first osteopathic technique related poem.

This poem is about a side posture technique that was recently taught in the technique class of NAO in Toronto located at the York University Heights campus.

Dr Vincent is an artist. His osteopathy related paintings will be available in 2016. 

Lateral Recumbent Lumbar Mobilization, Posterior to Anterior with Contact on TVP with Knee Bent

A Poem

Lola lay supine
on the forest-green table.
A delicate dandelion
lying on a patch of grass.
Sunlight filtered through
the skylight above
bathing the osteopathic
manual therapy room
with a bright glow
of hope and possibility.
Dante positioned himself
by the side of the table,
his personal battle-field.
He prepares for the fight
against pain
and restricted movements,
between muscles and joints.

For a fleeting moment,
patient and the therapist speak
with words of silence.
Then Lola points to her lower back
with red, painted nails.
Her delicate features
crumpled into anxious lines
on her beautiful face.
Dante nodded
and spoke in a soothing tone
as he directed her to lie on her side
facing him.
He bends her knee
to and angle of 90 degree
and supported it against his strong thigh.
Then he leaned over
and locked her shoulder.

Thick blue clouds
hovering over misty mountain peaks.
He leaned over
Casting a shadow:
a deep valley across the table.
Like gathering rain clouds
over the garden.
A sleek cat climbing
across a window sill
and stretching its torso
to clear the edge.

He places the heel of his palm
over her lumbar region.
Skin on skin.
The human touch: a kiss to the senses.
Muscles roll like clay
as Dante takes his turn
meticulously exerting precise pressure
on her transverse processes.
All the while his elbows pointed out
parallel to the table.
Lola arches her back forward
caught under the spell
of the osteopathic technique.
A  lithe bow curving against
the strength of a sharp arrow.

A painless click is followed
by a silent pop.
Pain had left the body
like a ghost.
Lola felt a sense of comfort
washing over her.
Dante reversed his posture
and stood up tall
by her side
shining in the light.
She thanked him
with words
that fluttered like leaves
floating from trees,
in the Fall. 
Written by - Dr. Chris Vincent, MD & dedicated to NAO president Dr. Shahin Pourgol, MBA, DC, DO, PhD

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