Tuesday, November 19, 2019

NAO Visceral Techniques Class - November 2019

National Academy of Osteopathy (Canada) Professors Dr Hussein Eid, MD (Egy), DOMP and Dr Hossein Khorrami, PhD, DOMP teaching osteopathic visceral techniques at the NAO York University Heights campus in Toronto to the NAO Class of September 2019.
We have more osteopathic technique instructors than any other Canadian school of osteopathy. 


Friday, November 15, 2019

NAO student chosen #1 Manual Osteopath in GTA

Chiropractor / manual osteopath, Dr Liza Egbogah, DC, DOMP, a graduate of National Academy of Osteopathy has been chosen as the best manual osteopath in Greater Toronto Area (Platinum Winner) in a poll conducted by the Toronto Star newspaper. Congratulations doctor! You made us proud!

To make an appointment with Dr Egbogah please call Osteopathy Chronic Pain Clinics of Canada (OCPCC) at 1-800-359-1187. You can also email OCPCC at info@osteopathypainclinic.com to make an appointment. 

Dr Egbogah’s downtown Toronto OCPCC clinic # 83 is located at:

1703 - 100 Yonge St., Toronto, ON M5C 2W1
Tel: 416.366.1703

Dr Egbogah recently hired another NAO graduate to assist her with work. Dr Egbogah’s hourly fees for osteopathic care is $275 or $500 for two hours.