Friday, August 30, 2013

Fee Guideline for Osteopaths in Ontario (Canada)

The College of Osteopathic Manual Practitioners of Ontario (COMPO) has just release its 2013 recommended fee guidelines for osteopathic manual practitioners in Ontario. This is the first time a fee guideline has ever been published in Canada for manual osteopaths. It is a historical achievement. This is a great step in standardizing the profession of manual osteopathy in Ontario and getting it regulated. National Academy of Osteopathy congratulates COMPO on this historic report.

COMPO Fee Guideline (2013)
The College of Osteopathic Manual Practitioners of Ontario (COMPO) Recommended Service Codes and Fee Guideline (“The Fee Guideline”) has been prepared for osteopathic manual practitioners, patients, insurers and third party payers to provide for fair and reasonable billing for osteopathic manual practice services according to a clear and consistent model.

Recommended fees for osteopathic manual practice services are adjusted periodically to reflect changes in the cost of rendering care and in the socio-economic circumstances of the day. The adjustments to the COMPO fee guideline will generally be in line with general inflation in the province of Ontario.


The COMPO Fee Guideline is issued for information purposes only. Adoption of the fees recommended herein remains at the discretion of the osteopathic manual practitioner. Recommended fees represent the full fee for each service, inclusive of any partial or full insurance provisions.

The COMPO recognizes that osteopathic manual practice fees may vary across the province. As with other professional and health care professions a number of factors affect the establishment of a given fee for a given service. These include the cost to provide the osteopathic service, regional and economic factors, and considerations of reasonable and customary practice for patient and osteopathic manual practitioner.

The fee established by an osteopathic manual practitioner for a given service should be charged to all patients who receive that particular service, and should be charged without reference to, for example, the existence of any third-party insurance under which the patient may be covered.

According to Standards established by The College of Osteopathic Manual Practitioners of Ontario, patients must be informed of the cost of service before the service is performed regardless of the payer. Where the osteopathic manual practitioner’s fee is significantly at variance with the recommended fee, it is suggested that the patient and/or payer be informed of the reasons for the variance.

Hourly Fee For All Osteopathic Manual Practice Services:  $80


For a new or established patient, shall comprise a full history of the presenting complaint(s), the review of any relevant documentation, a detailed inquiry concerning the complaint(s) and detailed examination of the affected part(s), region(s) or system(s) as required to: (a) arrive at an osteopathic diagnosis (osteopathic manual practitioners are not permitted to render medical diagnosis); (b) complete an appropriate record of findings; (c) advise the patient on course of treatment; (d) where appropriate, refer the patient for other health care. Time requirement is generally 30-60 minutes.
Assessment Fee:   $80 for one hour, $40 for 30 minutes

Osteopathic manual practitioners in Ontario provide treatments on a time basis, most commonly 30 minutes to one hour.

The osteopathic therapeutic interventions may be provided at the same day the assessment is performed, or at a subsequent patient visit. Osteopathic manual practitioners may employ many different manual techniques such as joint mobilization, trigger point therapy, myofascial release technique, massage, muscle energy techniques, visceral techniques, cranial osteopathy, joint specific therapeutic exercises, positional release technique, and counterstrain to help patients. Osteopathic manual practitioners in Ontario are not permitted to perform joint manipulation, also known as high velocity low amplitude technique.
Treatment Fee:   $80 for one hour, $40 per 30 minutes  


Osteopathic manual practitioners who provide treatments at the patient’s home are permitted to add a surcharge to their treatment fees to recover the transportation costs.
Home Visit Surcharge:   $40


There are instances where the osteopathic manual practitioner is requested to provide a detail narrative report, mainly in motor vehicle accident (MVA) cases. The reports are charge on an hourly rate. Most reports take about 3 to 5 hours of work to be prepared, however it depends on each individual case.
Detailed Report Fee:  $80 per hour spent on preparing the report


Photocopy of patient files, clinical notes or other materials for patient or a third party.
Photocopy Fee:   $30 for up to 5 pages, $1 per page thereafter


Form or Sick Note: Simple Sick Note / Return to Work
Certificate completion requiring minimal input and signature by the osteopathic manual practitioner. Examples of certificates included are disability forms, institutional benefit program applications and handicap parking applications.
Form & Sick Note Fee:   $20

Clinical Products and Materials
Clinical Products (i.e. orthopaedic braces, splints, exercise products) and materials (i.e. educational material) are provided at osteopathic manual practitioners cost plus a reasonable handling charge as well as the time spent by the practitioner to measure patient and to educate patient on proper use.
Measuring & Dispensing Fee:              $40 for 30 minutes or $80 for one hour

Custom Made Foot Orthotics
The fee charged for a pair of custom made foot orthotics includes all professional services relating directly to the provision of custom made in-shoe foot orthotics including the assessment & gait analysis, casting, fitting, and follow up assessment as well as the cost of the custom in-shoe orthotics. As the cost of foot orthotics differ from each manufacturer and also on the type and style of prescribed orthotics a range is provided for practitioners.
Orthotics Fee: $250 to $350 per pair (fee includes the cost of assessment as well as the product)

Osteopathy Coverage for First Nations People

Osteopathic Treatments for First Nations People

International Osteopathic Association (IOA), in cooperation with the Ontario College of Osteopathic Rehabilitation Sciences (OCORS) are working to get manual osteopathy accepted for coverage by the First Nations & Inuit Health Branch (FNIHB) – Ontario Region of Health Canada.

First Nations people have access to additional health coverage not available to others. For example they have $150 per year coverage for chiropractic treatments, as well as coverage for custom made foot orthotics and other assistive devices.

IOA is confident that it can obtain similar coverage for osteopathic treatments provided to First Nations people.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Regulation of Osteopathy in Ontario

Osteopathy Regulation in Ontario

Now that National Academy of Osteopathy has moved to a larger campus at York University Heights and with the move behind us, we can focus on working towards osteopathy regulation in Ontario.

We are seeking help from honourable Dr Reza Moridi, Ontario Minister of Research and Innovation and a member of the provincial parliament to guide us in this process.

National Academy of Osteopathy is actively involved in the process of osteopathy regulation in Ontario. Dr Shahin Pourgol president of NAO has donated $200,000 to this cause on behalf of NAO.

Osteopaths UNITE! To get osteopathy regulated in Ontario.

Friday, August 23, 2013

VIDEO: Professor Jorge Aranda

National Academy of Osteopathy Canada professor; Dr Jorge Aranda teaching cranial osteopathy and visceral manipulation at National Academy of Osteopathy.

Come Visit NAO's New Campus at York University Heights


We have moved to the York University Heights (121 Limestone Crescent, Toronto, Ontario, Canada   M3J 2R1, Tel 416-635-6550).
The move is finally done and we are ready for work once more. We apologize if our service to you was interrupted in the past 2 days.

National Academy of Osteopathy is now located at a larger facility to serve you better. And we were happy to have the prominent Spanish osteopath professor Jorge Aranda to accept our invitation to come to Toronto & to teach cranial osteopathy, visceral manipulation, lymphatic drainage & osteopathic counterstrain techniques here.
To book an appointment to visit our campus please email us at or call us at 416-635-6550.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Fairwell Professor Jorge Aranda

Farewell Professor Jorge Aranda

National Academy of Osteopathy Canada professor & prominent osteopath Jorge Aranda finished today his lectures on Cranial Osteopathy, Visceral Manipulation, Lymphatic Drainage and Osteopathic Counterstrain techniques. He is flying back to Spain tonight.

It was a great honour to have this well known professor here at our new campus at York University Heights in Toronto. He is one of the best instructors of osteopathic techniques in the world and we are honoured to have had the opportunity to host his lectures.

Until next lectures National Academy of Osteopathy staff and faculty say farewell to Professor Aranda.
Hasta Luego Professor Aranda!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Professor Ghafari Joins NAO

Professor Amir Ghafari Joins NAO

National Academy of Osteopathy is glad to announce that Professor Amir Ghafari has joined NAO team.

Professor Ghafari, a prominent physiotherapist in Iran, and the past president of one of the provincial physiotherapy associations in Mashhad (Iran), is also an osteopathic manual practitioner of NAO who graduated in 2011 and since then operates a private osteopathic clinic in Toronto as well as teaching part time.

We were quite impressed with Professor Ghafari’s clinical accomplishments in Toronto. He has a reputation for treating hard clinical cases. He receives many referrals from medical doctors, physiotherapists, chiropractors and massage therapists for patients who had a number of treatments with no success. His area of specialty is neurological conditions and strokes. And many patients see him as the last result and are impressed by how quickly they respond to the osteopathic care. In one example wife of one of our staff saw him for a Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) condition that never responded to any treatments, and made eating painful. Surgery was her only remaining option. After getting osteopathic treatment from Professor Ghafari in one session, she has been pain free for 6 months.
We are honoured to have such high caliber clinicians as part of our team.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Professor Aranda Gives Seminar at NAO

Professor Aranda Gives Seminar at NAO

We are honoured to have Professor Jorge Aranda coming to visit us in Toronto for 4 days of lectures on Cranial Osteopathy, lymphatic drainage, counterstrain & Visceral manipulation.
Professor Aranda is an osteopath from Spain with a Master of Science is Pediatric Osteopathy. He teaches for NAO and a number of other osteopathic schools as well as being on the board of Osteopathy Registrar in Spain.
National Academy of Osteopathy welcomes Professor Aranda to Toronto.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

NAO Blog Passed 9,000 Views


9,000 Views for the NAO Blog! National Academy of Osteopathy has now more than 9,000 views. Thank you everyone for reading our blog posts.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Osteopath Needed in Bobcaygeon

Osteopath Needed in Bobcaygeon

The town of Bobcaygeon is a clean beautiful little town, 2 hours North East of Toronto, just north of Peterborough. It is a retirement community with majority of residents being senior citizens. The town has a massage therapist, naturopath, chiropractor and a few physicians.

The town contacted National Academy of Osteopathy asking us to inform our graduates about this town. They feel having an osteopathic manual practitioner in Bobcaygeon greatly benefits the senior citizens residing there. We also believe this to be a great opportunity for one of our graduates to move there. Rent is cheap and homes are a lot less expensive than Toronto. The air is fresh, beaches everywhere, and fine restaurants plenty in the area.

If you love water activities this is the perfect place for you as you are always just less than 5 minutes away from a beach.

We recommend you to visit this town and check it out for yourself.

NAO at York University Heights

NAO at York University Heights

Since June 2010 when National Academy of Osteopathy was founded, we have moved 3 times, as we grow. We are so excited about the new space at the York University Heights. It is the largest space we had so far, the view is amazing and we even have a glass ceiling in the technique room! It cannot get better than that!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Report by CIBC

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) has chosen manual osteopathy as one of the top 25 occupations in demand in Canada.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

A testimonial from a Toronto Maple Leafs hockey player

A testimonial from a Toronto Maple Leafs hockey player

"In October of 2010, while playing for the Nashville Predators of the NHL, I suffered my second major concussion. The post-concussion symptoms were drastic, and forced me out for the entire 2010-2011 season. Hope was dim, until I underwent osteopathy treatment. The results were evidenced by the speed at which I was able to return to my job, and life. I am grateful to this method of treatment, and would encourage those close to me to seek an osteopath for any of their treatment needs."

-Matthew Lombardi
* January 2013


NAO Graduates Invited to Osteopathy Seminar in Italy


The Istituto Osteopatia Milano - SOMA and The Istituto Superiore di Osteopatia - ISO of Milan are pleased to invite National Academy of Osteopathy students and graduates to the first edition of the International Osteopathy Congress, which will be held at the Humanitas Congress Centre in Milan from the 15th to the 17th of November 2013.

Job Offer in United Kingdom

Job Offer in UK

We have been asked to post this job offer in UK. Please contact the write directly about this position. Thank you.

My name is Shane Patel and I run several Osteopathic clinics spread all over the UK, I am looking to employ and recruit new graduates from Canada to come and work for me in my new clinic in London holding 8 other Osteopaths who are also recent graduates from other countries.

The sake of this email is to inform your latest graduates about job vacancies in Osteopathy in the UK, in my clinics.

Please could you forward this email to new or potential graduates who may be interested in coming to work in the UK and working with me in my clinics or just looking for employment in the UK as Osteopaths.

Any information regarding payments and salary please feel free to email me back

Thanks you

Shane Patel

Friday, August 2, 2013

Moving on August 19, 2013 to a Larger Facility

We are moving on August 19, 2013

National Academy of Osteopathy is moving to a larger facility in the York University area on August 19, 2013 to serve you better. The osteopathy student clinic will also be in this location.

The new address is:

National Academy of Osteopathy
York University Heights
121 Limestone Crescent
Toronto, Ontario  
Canada   M3J 2R1

The Phone and fax numbers of NAO remain the same.