Monday, October 19, 2015

Human Sacrum, a Poem by NAO Student

A beautiful poem by National Academy of Osteopathy student, Dr Chris Vincent, MBBS (October 19, 2015, Toronto, Canada). Dr Vincent aside from being a physician is also a distinguished artist.

Human Sacrum

A Poem
Cobra Head.
A hockey helmet grill.
The sacred shield of the pelvis,
dressed up in a costume
with a gleaming cape
of lumbosacral fascia
and rabbit ears
of erector spinae.

An eight-eyed moth
beating its ilium wings,
moving and still at the same time.
Rami of sacral nerves
enter the foramina
like salmon
swimming upstream.

A large strong bone
like an inverted triangle
tearing the body into  two lower limbs.
A shiny rock dividing a flowing river.
The keystone
of the pelvic girdle
infused with healing energy
from the touch of
the osteopath.

A bone rocket
blasting off into space,
towards the dome of the diaphragm
spewing thick opaque smoke
of ligaments and tendons
billowing in all directions.

The vertebral hat wearing Mayor
of pelvis-town,
playing pied-piper to the spinal bones,
leading them south
away from the skull,
with loud music
from his coccyx-trumpet,
as he performed a dance
of nutation and counternutation.

Blurred image of a regal lion
with a flowing mane of iliacus,
piriformis and gluteus maximus,
sets the backdrop
of the Klondike stampede,
as muscles and vessels
rush between the moist terrain
of hollow cavities,  organs
and visceral folds
and in groups
to reach the lower abdomen
in search of  gold:
the invisible center of gravity,
as a Tasmanian tiger.

Time stands still
as the past, present and future
exist together in harmony
inside the hollow
of the sacral canal,
becoming a tangled rope of possibilities
expressed in silence
via the hiatus.

A wild-boar
with sacral ala ears
and jagged jaw of sacral cornua
projecting  bilaterally,
grunts angrily
and snuffs out the imaginary flame
at the apex
bringing the bone to its end point 

A photograph
of a snow owl
taken in a hurry
as it slowly head-banged
to the song,
“I wanna be yours”
by Arctic Monkeys.
Then put in a picture frame
between sacroiliac joints.
A curved bone
adorned with corn rows,
composed of  median,
intermediate and lateral sacral crests.
Galen’s strong bone.
Sacred bone.
Written by – Dr. Chris Vincent, MBBS


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