Thursday, February 12, 2015

Greeting from Ontario Minister of Training, Colleges & Universities to NAO Students

The Ontario (Canada) Minister of Training, Colleges & Universities, honorable Dr Reza Moridi has been kind enough to send a greeting to National Academy of Osteopathy students and staff.

Here is the content of the greeting:

“As the Minister of Training, Colleges & Universities, I am pleased to send my best greetings to the students and staff of the National Academy of Osteopathy. Our government wants everyone in our province to succeed, whatever their career aspirations may be. The Academy trains people in a specific skill that is not readily available elsewhere. By doing so, you allow your students to pursue their dreams, enjoying rewarding careers and contribute to the well-being of the people of Ontario.”  

This is our fifth year anniversary. It was 2010 when NAO was founded by manual osteopath, Dr Shahin Pourgol. In just a few years we have become the largest provider of osteopathic education worldwide teaching in 45 countries.

In many countries all practicing manual osteopaths are NAO graduates. In Canada over half of the manual osteopaths are NAO alumni. 

This is all thanks to our students who have made us a success story. 

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