Sunday, February 8, 2015

Massage Therapists love manual osteopathy!

20% of National Academy of Osteopathy graduating class in Toronto, Canada in this term (Feb 2015) were massage therapists.

Manual osteopaths are in high demand in Canada. In some cities such as London (Ontario, Canada) there is a waiting list of over a year to see a manual osteopath.  This is mainly due to the success of manual osteopaths in treating chronic pain of musculoskeletal origin.

Another benefit for massage therapists (in Canada only) to become manual osteopaths is that their patients will have access to more treatments as their extended health plan insurers also cover manual osteopathic care. So when the massage therapy benefit runs out, patients can use manual osteopathic benefit under their insurance plan to receive more treatments if necessary.

In the photos below you see six NAO graduates at the York University Heights campus of NAO in Toronto, Canada who are also massage therapists. They include; Christine Clair Low, Pamela Lee Crosson Fournier, Xiuling Tan, Eric Chan & Kim Wai Chu.

Did you know over half of the manual osteopaths in Canada are National Academy of Osteopathy graduates? NAO teaches manual osteopathy in 45 countries. 

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