Friday, October 10, 2014

Testimonial From Hong Kong

Here is a testimonial from one of the National Academy of Osteopathy students in Hong Kong (and we also congratulate him on the birth of his 4th child): 

Dear Luary:

Hi. How are you? Been a long time since last contact. Hope all is well
with work and family.

My fourth edition is here. She arrived on 3rd of Sept. Surprise to all, is
a daughter after having three sons prior. We are very grateful.

Now I am ready to recommence my program. Very impressed with the new
upgraded webmail system  and other upgrades on the video lecture website. The new video lectures & information pack is very informative.

As for the practice training at Toronto Campus, when is the registration
deadline for that? Thank you for your kind assistance.

Raymond Lee
NAO Student
Hong Kong 

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