Sunday, October 12, 2014

Chiropractor Testimonial

Chiropractor Testimonial
Did you know hundreds of chiropractors have studied manual osteopathy to stand out & elevate themselves above the competition and to offer better health care to their patients?
Manual osteopaths are in high demand across Canada. In London (Ontario) there is a waiting list of over a year to see one. In Halifax (Canada) it is over 6 months. In Vancouver most manual osteopaths do not accept new patients.
CHIROPRACTORS: you can become a manual osteopath in 6 months; online worldwide, or onsite at the York University Heights campus of National Academy of Osteopathy in Toronto, Canada.
Here is a testimonial from a chiropractor:
The course (DOMP program offered by National Academy of Osteopathy) was well organized and easy to follow. Studying at my own pace was excellent. The Practical was well taught and highly valuable. The expanded opportunities well be a good challenge. As a Chiropractor I find these procedures as effective with no possibility of after effects. More Chiropractors should get on board.

Ross Andersen DC, ND, DO(MP)
NAO Graduate
British Columbia, Canada

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