Saturday, June 10, 2017

NAO Alumna in Texas (USA)

A post by American athlete, personal trainer and osteopathic manual practitioner, Chaynade Knowles (from Texas), an alumna of National Academy of Osteopathy and National University of Medical Sciences (Spain):

“So it has been a long road. I graduated with my diploma from NAO in 2015 and will be now graduating with my doctorate from NUMSS. ……….. Manual osteopathy is my field and it is what I love to do…………………..I chose NAO and then jumped right into NUMSS, and I do not regret a thing. These school s while young are growing like wild fire and I am so excited to have been there for the beginning years. If you are looking for a school of well rounded students, with people that want to learn and teachers that have a passion for teaching then check them out.
So I say goodbye to Chaynade Knowles and say hello to Chaynade Knowles Doctor of Osteopathy of Spain, Manual Practitioner.”

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