Friday, April 29, 2016

Manual Osteopath Writes About NAO

Manual osteopath, Yasser Zia, DOMP writes why he chose to study at National Academy of Osteopathy:

As I went through the process of evaluating the various schools against my criteria listed above, one school began to stand out over the rest: NAO. This became my eventual choice. There were a few points which really tipped the scales:

1. The campus proximity to York University meant that it was in a central place in Toronto. It also meant accessibility via GO Transit.

2. The program materials adequately addressed “life after graduation”. To me this meant I would not be left in the dark as to what to do after I graduated (as was my experience with my undergraduate program). I was confident that Dr. P was the man to teach me about Osteopathy but also about life, business and establishing myself. The proof was in his background building successful businesses.

3. The fact that it was a FULL-TIME-5-days-a-week-on-campus program. All other schools were part-time programs spread out across 4 years. Further, too many of the other schools program materials seemed bent on ‘scaring’ the students into how difficult it was, and how 4 years was required to learn Osteopathy, and that anything less was dangerous etc. Quite frankly I found this shallow and unnecessary. It reflected an inferiority complex in my opinion. I saw nothing but positive messages from NAO. When I looked into Facebook groups, blogs, and whitepapers of NAO graduates I saw people similar to myself. People who changed careers. People who had a mix of backgrounds. People who supported one another.

4. Affordable tuition and reasonable time-frame for a career change: I had funds and a support system to last about 1 year. I simply could not afford to wait 4 years before I could make money again. But even if I did, I simply didn’t believe the scare tactics that me I could not learn Osteopathy in 1 year.

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