Saturday, September 9, 2017

NAO Student with George Clooney

Manual osteopath, Liza Egbogah, DC, DOMP with George Clooney.

Dr Liza Egbogah is a graduate of National Academy of Osteopathy & the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College. She has many celebrities as clients.

Osteopathy is quite popular with chiropractors & other health professionals because of its ability in treating chronic pain. Most cases seen by manual osteopaths are last resort cases. This is why most manual osteopaths have fully booked practices. In some cities, such as London, Ontario a year long waiting list is not uncommon for manual osteopathic care! 

Here is what Dr Egbogah posted on her blog about why she chose to study osteopathy:
The main reason I chose to pursue osteopathy instead of chiropractic is that while chiropractic focuses primarily on spinal manipulation, osteopathy involves head to toe treatment to help the body work more efficiently. Whether someone has a wrist fracture, back pain or a knee injury, manual osteopaths will treat the entire body to optimize functioning. I have always felt that with the multitude of interconnections in the body, addressing the entire system is the only way to effectively treat.

To request our information package on how you can become a manual osteopath please send an email to

NAO is the largest provider of manual osteopathic education in the world with alumni in 68 countries. We are the only osteopathic college with alumni in all Canadian provinces and territories including Yukon, Nunavut and Northwest Territories. Over half of manual osteopaths in Canada are our alumni. Our alumni are accepted by most osteopathic associations in Canada. Manual osteopathic care is accepted by almost all extended health plan insurance providers in Canada.

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