Monday, September 3, 2018

Two NAOs needed for OSAP & DLI

National Academy of Osteopathy has decided to apply for Ontario Student Assistance Program as well as the Designated Learning Institute List. OSAP is a program by the government of Ontario that gives loans and grants to Ontario residents to study at OSAP approved schools. DLI is a program by the government of Canada that allows the approved schools to bring foreign students to Canada. 

For these programs the schools must put down a large security deposit with the government that ranges from $500,000 to $10 million, depending on how many students register in the school.

To reduce the amount of this mandatory deposit, effective January 01, 2019 we are separating National Academy of Osteopathy into two different companies, one for online students (not covered by OSAP and DIL) and another for campus based students, which once approved by the government will be eligible for OSAP and DLI. 

Both companies work as National Academy of Osteopathy under same name and brand. All employees and faculty will remain the same. Courses offered will remain the same. Diplomas issues will remain the same. Nothing will change and both NAOs will run exactly the same as now. Only the corporation documents and bank accounts will be different.

Students will not see or feel anything different. Same as now, your certificate and transcript will not indicate which school (on-campus or on-line) you have graduated from.

Separating online and on-campus would allow us to pursue OSAP and DLI registration. Previously the deposit amount required by the government was more than our available budget. As we generally have less than 100 campus based students per year we can now easily manage giving the required deposit to the government. 

Being registered for OSAP and DLI would elevate NAO to higher levels than ever seen before. 

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