Thursday, August 11, 2016

NAO graduate offered job after giving treatment to RMT

Testimonial from manual osteopath, Ladan Jebhe, DOMP a graduate of National Academy of Osteopathy (class of Sept 2015). Ladan was offered a job after she gave a treatment to a registered massage therapist with 25 years of experience.

I think there will be a lot of times in our lives when we have to choose between two
prominent things that both matter to us, and by choosing one opportunity we have to be
willing to risk losing the other. Sometimes we make choices in life and sometimes
choices make us.

That is just the way it is. Today, I’m a real example of my story. For those of you who
know me well, you’re aware that I have been pursuing my PhD studies in Linguistics
since I’ve moved to Canada. My Academic education in English Literature and
Linguistics goes back to more than 10 years in row, which I’m so grateful about it for
providing me the path to move to Canada. If it weren’t for PhD studies, I would not be
here in Canada. 

There are times in life when you absolutely need to take the action to get
you through tense situations. Some time ago, I moved to Toronto and I’ve started to think
about what other options I would have if I wanted to pursue a totally different profession.

I’ve come across a bunch of subjects which were my interests but I was not able to take
them because I had a different background. I was so desperate about being able to pursue
a healthcare profession while I had 10 years abstract study/research experience. But right
at that time I came across a subject matter which I knew little about it and even I was
afraid to pronounce it totally right. YES, it was Osteopathy which put me in a vary
different and challenging path. 

After learning about the complex and alien world of
human body structure, it has honestly given me a new understanding. I believe in this
saying that sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together”. This is
exactly what happened to me. Since I’ve started practicing Osteopathy, I never regret
about what I’ve done. I just feel good that I chose the thing that matters most to me and I
let go of the “what if” questions that might linger about the other thing I had to let
go. I’ve found out that rules are made to be broken. 

We can never pick every option out
there – we have to be ready to choose our priorities and then feel good about those
choices. Today I felt tested myself, but it also felt really good to stick to my guns on what
I knew in my heart. I’ve just found out that life is too short to wait. Every new day is
another chance to change our lives. We’ll never know what all we can accomplish until
we do something we’ve never done. By taking the risk we’ll step into some of our biggest
rewards. Every great accomplishment starts with the decision to try. 

Life is about trusting
your instinct and taking chances, losing and finding happiness, learning from experience,
appreciating the memories, and realizing that every step is worth your while… But
you’ve got to be willing to take each step. You’ve got to give yourself a fair chance.

We’re not obligated to win every time. We’re obligated to keep trying – to do the best
we can do every day – to improve upon what we’ve learned yesterday. I simply trusted
that little voice inside my head and started a challenging profession that I literally had no
background on what it is about. YES, this is Osteopathy I’m talking about. I believe this
is greatly satisfying. Once you get into Clinic - nothing is better than hearing a patient
telling you, they are happy and feel better since of your treatment and advice. This is the
beauty of Osteopathy that you see your patients feel relieved of pain or discomfort just
after a few sessions. 

Last week in my clinical internship hour, I’ve treated a Registered
Message Therapist (RMT) who has been running her own clinic with more than 25 years
experience in health profession. After treatment, I’ve got astonished by her compliments,
she left me a gift card and she offered me to work with her in her clinic. That was very
shocking to me that she’s appreciated what I’ve done yet I’m not professional compared
to who she is in health profession. 

I’ve explained all of them to reach to a point that I owe
all these great feelings, all subsequent success, and wonderful experiences which are yet
to come, to a great leader called Dr. Shahin Pourgol. This genius man let me take
advantage of this opportunity and opened my eyes to the beautiful world of health
studies. I really appreciate the unique way he has stepped in and moreover for letting me
as a non-health background student to take this opportunity and to get to know the
concrete sides of studies. I am eternally and wholeheartedly grateful for everything
you’ve taught me in terms of personal and academic development. I have had so much
fun learning your useful business tips. You blew my mind in each lecture. Thank you for
sharing your wisdom with me. I want you to know how much I value your approach to
teach what a successful person demands to go forward. Please continue to spread this
feeling to other students in your future years. Special thanks for all your efforts you’re
making in introducing and expanding osteopathy in people’s eyes and minds. In my
share, I'm trying to apply all your tips and tricks in my practice and make you happy
because you deserve to watch your students growing personally and financially in their
lives and their practices. I’m sure you’re gonna change lots of students’ outlooks toward
life as it happened to me. I always recall you as a great instructor, life coach and a
business leader.

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  1. Good work. So, be positive. You never know what happen next. There's always another door for you.