Tuesday, November 3, 2015

A Poem About National Academy of Osteopathy

This poetry is by NAO student, Dr Chris Vincent, MBBS, titled "  Students of National Academy of Osteopathy".

A poem

We are the chosen.
Ordinary people
from different places
training for extraordinary work,
under the benevolent gaze
of  Dr. Shahin Pourgol,
the president and professor.
We are diamonds in the rough,
cut and polished
with words of wisdom
spoken by our teachers,
and the techniques taught
online and in-class.
We are coached
to be valiant fighters
and skilled archers
who are battle ready
to attack the army of pain.
We are students
of National Academy of Osteopathy,
learning the great art
of manual osteopathy,
eager to serve
the people of Canada
and all the countries
around the world.
We are the past, present
and future students
with flames
of healing power
in our hands.

Written by – Dr. Chris Vincent, MBBS

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