Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Letters Like This Makes Us So Happy!

Letters like this makes us so Happy! Below is what one of our manual osteopathy students in Ontario wrote.

“4 years ago I went through a rather wild knee injury and was told that I would most likely spend the rest of my life walking with a cane. It has taken an enormous amount of hard work, self-discipline and diligence to claw my way back on top and to have proven those words to be false...

I recently decided to enrol back in school in pursuit of a career that will allow me to help others recover through devastating injuries...

I am now in my 2nd week at the National Academy of Osteopathy and could not be more ecstatic about the changes that are already happening around me!

Thank you Dr. Shahin Pourgol for allowing this new step in my life to be possible!

Dream Big, Take Action, Be Self-Motivated!”

Trevor Cragg
NAO Student, Class of September 2015 (Toronto, Canada)

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