Tuesday, June 23, 2015

100 Years Old Patient

NAO Graduate Treats 100 Years Old Patient

A letter from National Academy of Osteopathy graduate Jay David:

Hi Dr. Pourgol,

Just to drop you a note hello.  The resilience of the human body still seizes to amaze me after practicing manual osteopathy now for several years.  I registered my very first 100 year old patient this weekend. Superseding another current female elderly patient who is 90 years old.

Mrs. Dela Cruz was born in November 30, 1914.  She was brought to the clinic by her daughters hoping that I would be able to assist and perhaps relieve her of pains stemming from an arthritic shoulder joint.  Mrs. Dela Cruz very calmly and quietly allowed me to complete the shoulder techniques, often giving me a slight glimpse of attention with her nearly perfect vision (she doesn't use reading glasses).  At the end of the treatment, she softly but sternly said two words "feels good" - music to a manual osteopaths' ears.

Hope you are keeping well.

Best regards,


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