Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Do you work in a Health Spa?

Did you know by adding manual osteopathy to your services you can increase your income & bring in new clients?

Did you know spas that offer osteopathic wellness care are generally fully booked?

Did you know osteopathic wellness care helps people look and feel younger by improving blood & lymphatic flow of the face & body?

Did you know osteopathy is very effective in relaxing clients as it lowers the stress hormones while increasing production of dopamine & endorphins, the feel good hormones? And that it increases the antioxidants produced by the body which improves cardiovascular health?

To stand apart from competitors, health spas should add osteopathic wellness care to their services. It increases their success and income.

Spa owners are discovering the value of having a manual osteopath on site. It builds client base as manual osteopaths are high in demand. In some cities, such as London (Ontario) there is a waiting list of up to a year to see a manual osteopath.

By offering manual osteopathic care inside your spa you set yourself apart from other health spas while increasing your client base.

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