Sunday, November 9, 2014

Looking for a Great Career?

Are you looking for a great career? Then consider becoming a manual osteopath.

Manual osteopathy is one of the top 25 occupations in demand (as reported by CIBC in 2012).

Manual osteopathy is health care. 16 of the top 25 occupations in demand are in health care. 

Manual osteopathy is the #1 choice of patients for low back pain treatment (2013 survey).

There is zero unemployment. All graduate either find employment or open private clinics.

Average income is $90,000 per year (part of the top 10 high paying health professions).

Consider National Academy of Osteopathy for your manual osteopathic education. 

We are the largest provider of osteopathic education worldwide, teaching in 45 countries.

We offer a diploma program in osteopathic manual practice that can be completed in 6 months if you are a health professional or 1 year if you are not. 

Tuition from $5528.

You can study in-campus or 100% online (great for working professionals).

NAO is the only manual osteopathic college that has been accepted as an affiliate member of Ontario Hospital Association.

NAO is accredited by IOA, CMOE, CMOEB, OOAMAA, OAOP, IOEB, OCORS, COMPO, BCCORS, SOC, & other associations.

Our graduates are permitted to work in all Canadian provinces and to bill Canadian insurers, all US states, Europe, Asia, Africa and elsewhere.

For more information please visit or visit our blog for the latest news about NAO at Our videos are found at And NAO photo gallery is at

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